CT4 TRAPPED IEN – ☀️ I am so worried in taking celban for the 3rd time…I got 9 listening

Dear Kim! I am so worried in taking celban for the 3rd time without attending celban prep… The ist time I took I got 9 listening,speaking8,writing8 and reading 7… The 2nd time I took I got 9 again in listening,9 in reading 6writing, 8speaking….now would be my last chance and I’m far enough to calgary to attend class review…I live in [town] and I wanted to improve my scores in celban…please guide me as I’m planning to take on feb…. Thanx P


Dear P,

You have amazing scores, and should be really proud of yourself, especially getting these scores without preparation. But as you have seen, just because you have an acceptable score at one sitting, does not mean you will get an equal or higher score on the next. In fact, many people experience as you do, and get a lower score when repeating the exam!

So, I have a few questions for you:

  1. How important is it to you to be a nurse in Canada?
  2. How badly did you feel when you did not get the required scores on the CELBA, not once, but twice?
  3. And how long did it take you to find the drive, motivation, will to continue on your path?

What do you thing will happen if end up with the same results again, and do not get the required score, but this time you know this was your very last chance, there are no more chances, and there is no other way to become a nurse in Canada…. that in not getting the required score on the third attempt your hopes and dreams of life in Canada are shattered?

Am I being overly dramatic, NO! I personally know several people who faced this very difficult situation.

  1. One nurse I met with for lunch, and even months after she had been delivered the news, she still choked up when we spoke about it.
  2. Another man had a job lined up for him, once he became an RN. All of his hopes and dreams were shattered. I have not heard from him since then.

If you felt bad after not getting the required score on your first and then second attempt, how do you think you will feel to do so on the third and final attempt?



Instead, do everything you can to build up your skills, develop your test taking strategies, and start applying stress management skills. Find your self a good solid coach! Ensure that your tutor has the skills and are willing to work with you to turn your weaknesses into strengths!

There is hope. You can do this! But, take your time! You will be happier in the end!



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