CT4 THE DISILLUSIONED DREAMER – ♥ I dont know how to start, im so desperate, frustrated, hopeless

Updated this week

Hi Kim!
Im so amazed with all the stories that i read, that lead me to write you my story wondering maybe you can help me. T’was my dream to be a nurse when i was a kid! Luckily that. was year 2000,when I becme an RN in the Philippines. Due to financial struggles in our family,i went to Saudi Arabia to help my parents sending mu 4 other siblings to college and gaining experience too. That 7 years was so great for me as a nurse, especially i learned a lot. Then, I decided to come here in Canada under in a caregiver program year, that was 2007 . While i was in that program I took several times in ielts exam but failed. To make story short,I’ve been here now in Canada for almost 7 years and yet my road to become an RN here is still dim out and hoping you can be my light to pursue my dreams. I dont know how to start, im so desperate, frustrated ,hopeless especially i have a 2 year old baby boy now. But with all the stories from your previous studs my hopes reignited.
My last IELTs exam result 2 years ago,reading & listening 6.5 , writting 6 , speaking, 7. CLBPT result just recently: listening 8,Speaking 7,reading 8,writing 6
I did not try Celban exam but Im planning to try at this time.
Mr Kim, I really really need your help! Thank you M


Dear M,

It is in receiving emails like this that my heart sings. The first logo I created for CELBANPrep is a person standing in the dark with a light just behind. To me this symbolizes coming out of the darkness and into the light. That is my goal with all that I do through CELBANPrep, and now CELBANPrep University.

So, when I read your words they fed me emotionally and spiritually to know that I have been able to do this for someone I have not even met yet, simply by taking my emails and making them public. The singing began with your first words, “Im so amazed with all the stories that i read”. Then when I read, “im so desperate, frustrated ,hopeless.” I thought, this is no longer true! You are no longer in the darkness because you wrote, “But with all the stories from your previous studs my hopes reignited.” Hope is light. And when you wrote this you had both! And it is in reading these last words that the song in my heart did crescendo.

So thank you for taking the time to write your impressions and how reading about the struggles, trials and triumphs of others has ignited your hope. Because there is hope. There is so much hope. After all you have done do you really think that you would be left alone? After all the sacrifices you have done for your family, for your siblings, do you really think that the end of the road for you and your career has come just because you moved to Canada? No. That is not so. The way is clear. The path is outlined for you. It is simply about gathering the resources together that will assist you in obtaining your dreams!

My old tag line says, “Creating Connections. Sustaining Dreams.” All you need to do is create those connections: to people, to resources, to support, to information, and through learning (within your brain). Doing this you will build the foundation upon which your dreams will be sustained. After all you have done surely you can do this!

Canada is not a place where dreams die!

It is a place where they come to life.

It just does not come easy. It takes work. It takes dedication. It takes practice. It takes sacrifice. And in time, it will come. Before you know it, you will be a nurse and you will wonder why it took you so long. You will wonder why you let your frustration, depression and hopelessness take over your life.

But, at the same time, avoid getting down on yourself. We all have our moments. We all get into funks. We are human with human emotions. Disappointment and disillusionment are part of life. But we do have a choice. We can choose what to do with them. We can choose how long we will feel them. We can choose when it is time to let them go.

My perception is that you are finally at the place to say good bye to all of that and to say hello to the future. I often say,

“Your present is created by the choices you made in the past.

If you do not like the present:

change your choices, choose today to change your tomorrow.”

M, if you found me then you have all of the information you need. You know what I have to offer. You know who I am. And you know how things work. If you need information about CELBANPrep University please go to www.celbanprep.info

And that is what CELBANPrep and everything I do is all about: giving back.

I have been so fortunate to have been born in Canada. I have been so blessed to have a higher education. I have been so blessed to have gifts, talents and abilities. These are the blessing that I have in my life. And for them I am so very grateful.

So, every day in all that I do I express my gratitude by using these resources for the greater good for all of humanity and all of ma kind knowing that when I sustain dreams there is an increase of hope and light on this earth. And that is an amazing process to behold.

M, you have already supported your family. I know that when you become an RN you will do so much more for your people both in Canada and back home. And through you I will be making the world a better place. Together we will make the world a better place.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cpu-ct4-articles.pngSo, when you are at the place of giving up: accept that feeling; acknowledge it; but then, let it go and start again. You are of value. Your role in this world is significant. You will make a difference. You know that. In the very depth of your soul you know that. So stop letting time slip away through your fingers. Make a choice. Make a difference.

Your light is needed to build the light in others.




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