CT4 THE DISILLUSIONED DREAMER – ♥ Why and how did Kim motivated them so much?

Updated this week

Dear Kim,

Hi Kim! Its a great relief or say a great hope when I found you. With all the testimonies that i read it uplift my spirit and frustration. Tons of questions runs on my mind. How,why and when did they learned or know Kim? Why they sound so attached? Why and how did Kim motivated them so much? How and why Kim has a great heart in helping International Nurses in achieving our dreams and goals in our life and career? These are few to mention of all my ?

Anyway my family and I migrated here in Canada for more than a year now. I’ve been working in Middle East for almost 15 years when I decided to find a greener pasture and a better future for my family. Vancouver is our first stop directly form Middle East. I took my CLB last year, Reading 7, speaking, 7, Listening 8 and writing 6. I tried my luck on IELTS but unfortunately it didn’t go well, the results shattered my heart and my goal. Am on the midst of going back to Middle East but all the people that I’ve meet they will advised me to hang on. Thru browsing internet I found your site and it caught my attention. Here I am now hoping and praying that I will capture the better and brighter future that am dreaming for my family  and kids thru your help.
God Bless and may you be blessed more with knowledge and wisdom to share with us all……



Dear J,

I have not even finished reading your message and am inspired to write my response immediately as I was smiling and laughing as I read and could not wait to reply! The answer to the why, is messages like this where IENs write to me from their heart and soul, and I write back from my heart and soul. It is an amazing and magical process that transcends nationality, location and the neutralizing effect of technology. Yours message was the first for me to read, and what a way to start my day!

It is an interesting experience, getting messages from IENs across Canada and around the world. After 10 years of teaching CELBAN preparation courses and classes online I sometimes think that I have answered all of the questions possible, yet still there remains more to consider.

And at all times there are hearts that need healing and spirits that need uplifting.

I smiled as I wrote that. I guess that in a way I facilitate the emotional spiritual healing process so that wonderful nurses like you can facilitate the physical and emotional process of healing.

We need nurses, in Canada. We have such a shortage, but the economy does not allow for it to be known. Instead nurses are working overtime, and taking on more shifts to make up for the shortage. But it is taking a tole. I have a good friend that is a Canadian educated Labor and Delivery nurse. She absolutely loves her job. But there is an extreme shortage in her ward in her hospital. Yet she feels a responsibility to the mothers and babies that come to the hospital every day. So, she has been picking up extra shifts, and burn out was setting in. Last month, every time I saw her: she looked so drained and tired. Then, as anticipated, on Canada Day she sprained her ankle. Yet she kept getting along in her busy life. Thankfully she took it as a warning and took a few days off. We need nurses, in Canada. We have such a shortage, and one day the economy will allow us to reflect the truth of the situation once more, as happened several years ago. Then the doors, or rather floodgates, will open. And all of those IENs that have been working diligently on their licensure process will be ready; while those who struggle with issues of time and self management will be filled with regret wishing they had done something.

At the end of the day it is these three things that motivate me in what I do:

  • receiving heart filled messages from amazing people, like you!
  • the fulfillment of being part of an emotional spiritual healing process that feeds my own heart and soul.
  • and the knowledge that we direly need nurses in Canada, with the hope that times will change and the floodgates will open.

That is How and why [I have] a great heart in helping International Nurses in achieving [your] dreams and goals in [your] life and career”.  Because I know that someday you will be taking care of my family, my friends, my loved ones and maybe even me.


I come back to your letter, and smile once again. It touches my heart to know that the simple act of taking the messages I receive and the answers I give and posting provides “great relief”, “great hope”, uplifts spirits and abates frustration. It evokes a smile to read about the kinds of questions you had, questions I had never considered, questions no one else has asked.

  • How, why and when did they learned or know Kim?
  • Why they sound so attached? Why and how did Kim motivated them so much?
  • How and why Kim has a great heart in helping International Nurses in achieving our dreams and goals in our life and career?

How, why and when do people learn and know about me?

There are two ways people learn about me and know me:

  1. They discover CELABNPrep University from a google search
    • some learn of me from the free resources and are touched by what I have shared or written.
    • others discover my articles to Dear Kim, as you did, and are touched by what they read.
    • but in all situations, all conversations and communications have been online and none have met me in person.
  2. from a referral from a friend or family member that has taken CELBANPrep online courses and classes, formed a connection and found support.

Why are they so attached? Why and How do I motivate them? 

Like you, motivated by pain, frustration, relief or need, many reach out to me seeking comfort, information, support and encouragement. In the bleak and often isolated reality of being an immigrant in Canada, all that they need to know is that there is hope at the end of the tunnel as dreams can be achieved with time and a little bit of work.

Canadians are not just going to give IENs $70,000/year. (Based on a starting wage of $35/hr and 2000 hrs a year ~ 40hrs/wk for 50 wks/yr). IENs have to prove that they are worth that kind of income. And when you earn it, you will know you are worthy of it!

Your dream is a realistic dream. It is a viable dream. It is a dream that can and will happen. It simply takes, time, practice and quality training from quality coaches.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cpu-ct4-articles.pngSo, in a way, not only am I a career coach, I am also a cheer leader encouraging you along the way. That is what Secrets to Success is all about with:

It isn’t about money, to me. That is not my motivation. And those who have come to know me, who have read what I have written, who have spoken with me in person, who have opened their hears and souls to me, they know: they know that creating heart to heart and soul to soul connections while sustaining dreams is my mission in life. And I am simply honoured to walk with each and every one of them on their individual journeys: celebrating each triumph and comforting those in need of comfort as required.

I could simply teach grammar. I could simply teach English. I could simply click in for 8 hours a day. But that would not be fulfilling. That would not be creating connections. That would not be feeding my heart and soul. That would not be filling my mission on earth. For the connections build are vital to my own growth and progress in sustaining my own dreams! 

So then, back to you, J:

  • How did reading the message and testimonials provide you with relief and hope? How did what you read uplift and abate frustrations?
  • How did you form an attachment?
  • How did you find motivation?
  • Why were you inspired to write from your very heart and soul?

For it is in your own answers to those very questions that you will understand, deeply understand, what you sought. And it is in the feelings that arise as you read this message written to you, and answer these questions for yourself, that your sense of trust and loyalty will grow. For true connections grow out of such fertile ground.

I returned to your letter once more and read,

“Here I am now hoping and praying that I will capture the better and brighter future that am dreaming for my family  and kids thru your help. God Bless and may you be blessed more with knowledge and wisdom to share with us all……”

Tears are rolling down my cheeks. Here is the heart of it all, J. If you want to know the truth of all of it the answer is herein. If truth be known the creation CELBANPrep online classes and courses for the CELBAN and all that I do has been inspired by God as a way for me to serve His children. And it is He that brings them to me, as a result of their prayers. And the only reason why CELBANPrep University remains, after all the challenges I have faced, is because of the prayers of beautiful IENs who have met me, formed attachments, and prayed on my behalf. It has not been easy. Actually, the path I have walked has been quite difficult. Like you, many times I have wondered about whether or not I should continue on this path. And it is in those dark moments that I feel the light and love of God as He uplifts me so I can continue to do so for others because He needs you to do the same. It is in these moments that I know I am being blessed because of the prayers of IENs across Canada and around the world who are either expressing gratitude or seeking relief.

He is with you. He will help you. He will keep your hope burning bright. He will assist you in achieving your dreams, because that is what He created you to do. It is your mission in life. It brings you great joy and happiness. Thus it brings Him great joy and happiness.

I know this because He has done this for me.

God works in mysterious and wonderful ways, and I am so grateful to know that He is using me as an instrument. I am so grateful that He hears and answers prayers. And I am so grateful that He touches the hearts of beautiful and wonderful IENs so that they pray for me when I am in my moments of darkness.

So thank you, J. Thank you for writing. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for praying.

In Spirit,


Learn the Secret to Success. Explore CELBANPrep University. 

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