CT4 ♦ WARNING: A word of caution…

Hi Kim,

Good day.

Thank you for your email.Im very glad you emailed me.Im doing great.I love it in here. To answer your questions,

It’s my 7th week here. Im planning to take it this September because it’s the only earliest schedule.

Thank you very much




Dear A,

Wow! Seven weeks! I hope you are ready! Summer is always beautiful here! Winters are another story!

You scores, by the way, are great. You should do well on the exam, after learning more about what to expect and learning some test taking strategies. But I would like to give you a word of caution:

  • The required scores are high, and the exam expensive.
  • You only get 3 times to take the CELBAN, which is much easier than the Academic IELTS.
  • And your exam will expire in 2 years.
  • The process to become a nurse often takes longer than that.

Furthermore, the level of stress people take when taking the test the third time is huge: their whole life and career is in the balance. That kind of stress and fear can negatively impact performance and foster procrastination. Others become Disillusioned Dreamers, having lost the motivation to continue on their path of becoming a registered nurse in Canada.

It is important to ensure that you are confident that you will do well on the exam, and taking it in haste without preparation could be short sighted.

I know you are excited. I know you are filled with hopes and dreams. And I know that are attainable. I am here to help you, regardless of what you choose when it comes to CELBANPrep. However, please take your time to prepare for the CELBAN. After teaching CELBANPrep for over ten years, I have met people at all stages, and know from experience that time, practice and preparation are keys to success. I also know the heartache, frustration and pain of having dreams shattered. (Read the messages in the following sections and you will understand!

It will be important for you to be able to tap into your energy and excitement by writing in your journal, or creating a piece of art, that represents your emotions.

Collect quotes, or create a collage. Put it in a place when you will see it often. The darkness of winter comes, sometimes to the heart, and rays of sunshine and hope like this become so important to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.



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