CT4 TRAPPED IEN – ☀️ I take my 2nd chance in celban.. Now I have only one chance left

Hello Kim, it’s been a while that I’m on silence..I am in burden after I take my my 2nd chane in celban.. Now that I have only one chance left, I really wanted to make it sure To the last chance. now that schedule for Celban are full until dec, I have lost of time for preparation. Please tell me what to do, which review material should I get though the first is not a success for me… The first I took I pass my writing then the second time I tries I failed my writing, same thing happened on my reading, then for the listening I got 9 in my first and second exam and I pass my speaking for the first time I tool… I can’t remember what I did during my writing in the first take, I don’t know I did I pass, but the second test was an agony for me. Kim, please give me advice and give me the beat resources for this.thank u. Q


Hello Q,

It is good to hear from you again. Yes, many people become silent after failing the exam. There are several things that influence how you do on the exam:

  • Self Management Factors and,
  • Stress Factors, of taking the test for the third and final time.

And in simply reading your writing I can tell that you are not ready.

You need time, practice and preparation. But first it sounds like you have to overcome how you feel about yourself and your dream of becoming a nurse, in Canada.

Seats are full until December, but for you that is a good thing. It gives you lots of time to prepare. But if you procrastinate December will come and you will be no closer to being ready for the exam.

This is your last chance, your very last one.

You can still try to get the score on the IELTS, but there are reasons why you are attempting the CELBAN instead.

And, you will get more chances, but you have to wait two years.

So, beyond learning the skills you need to increase your score, it would be great to learn some stress and self-management skills.

For this reason, you already fell into the CELBAN Trap twice by taking it before you were really ready. Please protect yourself from falling in again!

Please do all you can to prepare, which starts with doing what you need to do to feel good about yourself and your dream. You need to come to a place where you both believe in yourself and your dream, or you will not have the motivation, determination and dedication to do what it takes to make it happen: to pass the CELBAN. Once you do that then go to www.celbanprep.info to explore everything that is there and decide on which resources you are going to access, and when.

You need to decide,

  1. Are you going to give up on yourself or are you going to be your own best friend?



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