CT4 THE DISILLUSIONED DREAMER – ♥ I failed my nursing exam and i felt ashamed.

Updated this week

Dear Kim:
Thank you so much. It’s really hard, living in new country, and not to mention the long process of registration.
I failed my nursing exam on June, and i felt ashamed. But after your e-mail I know now that al lot faced difficulties when they came to Canada, and
I should keep trying and work harder to achieve my dreams.
Regards, D


Dear  D,

I appreciate you taking the time to write, and to share this very intimate experience. It is a sad thing that such feelings of shame are so common among professional immigrants striving to achieve their individual goals.

No one comes to Canada to feel shame, but to fulfill dreams. No one comes to Canada to be treated poorly or feel humiliated.

Yet it happens time and time again. I am glad that after reading my writing that you feel encouraged and have reestablished a sense of hope. This is my main goal when it comes to CELBANPrep University! What is a dream without hope? How can one obtain a dream without feeling good about one self?

The wonderful thing is that you will now be a source of inspiration to others who will read your message when I post it as an article! Those who have failed their exam and have felt the same shame will read your message and find inspiration. They will see you as a leader shining the light of hope on the path before them that has become so dark.

I can tell you, working with Internationally Educated Professionals has been a great inspiration to me as I see people repeatedly fail, and repeatedly pick themselves up and continue on the individual paths towards individual but similar dreams. And I have celebrated with great joy not only when the dream comes to pass, but each marker along the way. Remember to always celebrate the landmarks.

So many people focus on the fact that they failed an exam without celebrating the things they did well. For example, I often get people who failed CELBAN because of a low score in listening. They often fail to notice that they passed in three skills: reading, speaking and writing!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cpu-ct4-articles.pngThat is why I created Secrets to Success with its elements of Mastering Your Psychology and Optimizing Your Environment.

At all times remember, if the strategy you are using is not getting you to your goals, change your strategy.

It is not you that failed, it is the strategy that you used that failed.

Change the strategy; change the results.

Sincerely, Kim


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