Are you confused about the CELBAN Grammar Series?

Step One

The first step is to check out the FREE How to Prepare for the CELBAN or IELTS: User Guide. It is one of several e-books that you can get for free with Kindle Unlimited. (Getting a Kindle Unlimited subscription is like activating a library card where you have access to ALL of the participating e-books available through Amazon.) You then need the Kindle App, to read your e-book on your phone, your laptop, your computer and other devices. (There is a FREE trial, with Kindle Unlimited so you can see what it is all about.)

Step Two

The next step is to check out the 3 NEW FREE CELBAN E-books, available through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited!

They are all from the CELBAN or IELTS ~ Grammar Essentials Volume 1: Nouns & Articles series.

Why Three?

There are FREE 3 options available for this series from Amazon, and one membership from http://www.CELBANPrep.info.

  1. The Membership grants you access to the teaching videos and the writing samples. (There is a Membership FREE Trial that grants you limited access to some of the companion teaching videos and writing samples.)
  2. The Workbook provides you space to do your work, answer questions, and access the instructive graphics.
  3. The Facilitator Guide is much like the Student Workbook, but it has the answers! 🙂 It has been created for teachers, but you can buy them too if you choose.
  4. The Slide Deck has been created for teachers using the CELBAN or IELTS series in their classrooms or when they tutor. They are the presentation that has been used for the teaching videos. So, for facilitators getting a membership will provide you with a greater understanding of how the series works together.

That is why there are 3 NEW FREE CELBAN E-books! In this way you get to experience each of the offerings to understand what they are about, and how the CELBAN or IELTS Series works.

Why CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials?

What is amazing is that this is the ONLY resource available to Internationally Educated Health Professionals seeking to get a license in an English speaking country.

The CELBAN or IELTS series is the only resource that teaches grammar in a medical context!

Learn more at http://www.CELBANPrep.info.


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