CELBANPrep: Now Available in Print!

CELBANPrep is now available in 100 Countries: in PRINT!

There are also student workbooks available for the Grammar Essentials Series:

Remember: You need both a Textbook/Workbook AND a membership at CELBANPrep.info. (The membership grants access to the videos and the writing samples.)

Also, make sure you get your 3 FREE Resources from Amazon. (They are FREE with Kindle Unlimited, which also has a FREE trial.)

So, Read These First!

And, now that they are available in print, you can request them from your library. If they do not have copies, makes sure you ask them to order one for you and all the other Internationally Educated Nurses that come after you!

Ask for them!

There are additional resources available – in Print – for facilitators.

The difference between the Grammar Essentials is:

  • The Student Workbooks provide the graphics and workspace.
  • The Facilitator’s Guides have the answers.
  • The Slide Decks are available to use the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials in a classroom setting.
  • There is also Supplementary Resources: a final exam and poster collection available.

All are available from Amazon. Here is the link for in Canada.

CELBANPrep is also available in 100 nations through the 12 national sites. Here is the link to Study the CELBAN Internationally.


P.S. Please contact me on Facebook as required.

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