CELBANPrep Speaking E-books will no longer be available.

You win, Orathai! 
Because of your ignorance and inability to read instructions and the information provided in the descriptions and the FREE CELBANPrep User Guides, CELBANPrep E-books for reading, listening and speaking will no longer be available. 

I am sick and tired of people making false claims about me and what I have created. For 10 years I taught CELBANPrep courses to hundreds of Internationally Educated Nurses from around the world and across Canada. You can read their e-mails, comments, questions and testimonials at http://www.Dear-Kim.com. They invested in themselves so that they could advance their careers. Why? Because 10 years ago there were NO RESOURCES available for the CELBAN. 

If you read the FREE User Guide you would know that each resource on Amazon comes with an associated membership on www.CELBANPrep.info. You need both! 

You would understand that the books are normal books, and the memberships replace the old CDs and DVDs you used to get. Not only do you get access to the teaching videos with the memberships, but you also get access to +100 writing samples! And you would know that people with iPhones and iPads can not access the videos through the E-books: that is why the videos were migrated to the website.

I created Kindle Interactive E-books with embedded vidoes, but because of the squabble between Apple and Adobe, the Apple products do not support the video players. It is not a limitation in what I created, but in the devices people use. I informed people. I educated people. I created FREE User Guides. And still I get people like you claiming I am a scam. I get people like you writing negative reviews. I get people like you claiming what I have done is a cash cow! Do you know how many versions of CELBANPrep I have created over 10 years? 10! With the advancement of technology there has been a new version almost every single year! Do you know who paid me to do that work? No one! Do you know how much Amazon gets from what I sell through them? 65% of the cost. 

So tell me, would you do any work for less than $1 an hour? No. Well I have. Again and again I have created what I have to make sure that resources are available and accessible to Internationally Educated Nurses like you, because I KNOW that our medical system needs you. 

But after 10 years of reviews from people like you: you have won. As of August 31, 2019 CELBANPrep Speaking/Reading/Listening E-books will no longer be available. Only the paperback version will be available for CELBANPrep Speaking. They cost over $30 each. Why? Because it costs $15 to print each one, and then Amazon gets another 65% of what is left. That means I get about $5 per book! And yes, there is a membership at http://www.CELBANPrep.info. It is with this membership that you can access the videos that accompany each lesson: this replaces the old CDs and DVDs. It is $22.22 for Speaking. 

(By the way with more than 500 writing samples that you had access to with your $88 GOLD membership for Writing Level One, Writing Level Two, Nouns & Articles, Verbs & Verbals, Agreement Errors and Advanced Punctuation how did you not find a value in that? With access to more then 100 videos: how did you not find a value in that? I guess you expect everything in life be given to you for free?)

So, congratulations. Your ignorance has won you an award. Perhaps others that follow you will thank you for your indecency. Perhaps they will scorn you. Perhaps we will all be better in the end. Perhaps…

All I know is that it is people like you that have influenced this decision once and for all. 


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Please accept my humblest apologies.

If You don’t speak up the voices of those who have slandered CELBANPrep will be heard over YOUR silence.

6 responses to “CELBANPrep Speaking E-books will no longer be available.

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  3. This is very sad… In one single negative comment you have just prevented success of countless nurses who are still aspiring to pursue their career as R.Ns or LPNs.
    Kim and her books have helped me so much in passing my celban exam in 1 attempt! At first, I was also confused on how to navigate and access the resources but through my “appropriate way” of asking via email to her, and through “politely” asking for assistance, I was able to access and utilize those wonderful books of hers! She had been great help not just to me but to most of the nurses now who have conquered celban using her books and celbanprep guides. She also offered help in every way possible should we have confusions and doubts of using the books that we bought from her. To my fellow consumers from amazon, and to all future celban takers who are still searching for legit and authentic study material for celban, please be patient when you buy celbanprep books and respect every author/seller. Before accusing someone, look back and retrace what you might have been doing wrong, it might be your problem and not the books which should be blamed for, just ask politely and learn to inquire first for assistance. Also, please recognize Kim and her prepguides, she and her books are not fake!!! She’s the most legit celban teacher that I ever knew. Her books and prep guides gave me hope and the light when everything went dark and felt hopeless.

    Kim please don’t be disheartened and discouraged by ungrateful people, please look back to hundreds/thousands of nurses you’ve helped to get to where they are right now. Without celban, nobody will get pass to the next step of their nursing career. Again thank you for helping me Kim, now I am a nurse, had a full time job and living my dream. You’ve helped not just me but also my family.


    • J, It is soooo good to hear from you again. Thank you for standing up and speaking out. It is sad… so sad. I have dedicated 10 years of my life to Internationally Educated Nurses. I have created 10 versions of CELBANPrep because of the changes and advances in technology. When I began nothing was available for IENs preparing for the CELBAN. I was astounded that while the English as a Foreign Language teachers and IELTS/TOEFL teachers discovered the CELBAN, in 2017 there were still no resources: books or e-books. It took 6 months to reformat the courses I created – including updating the videos – *unpaid* to create them. So it was very sad to get reviews like this from people.

      Maybe now that the 10th version, CELBANPrep Speaking and Writing Level One being available in print (again another 3 months reformatting that without pay) will make a difference.

      It is true. The e-books have helped so many people. They are more affordable. They are available across the globe. They are available instantaneously.

      But, for those using iPhones and iPads there are too many complications because Apple products don’t support the videos embedded in the e-books.

      So now, maybe with these resources available in print, maybe now there will be fewer complications. Maybe now people will know and understand that a paperbook can not play a video! 🙂 And that memberships are available to access both the videos and the writing samples.

      I am so proud of you!

      I am ever greatful for your kindess, patience, politeness, civility, decency, decorum, dignity and class! (Did you know there were that many words to describe your awesomness? 🙂

      You will always be remembered with fondness. And so I am so proud and happy to Delight In you for passing the CELBAN on your first attempt and becoming a nurse. Tears form as I read that again!

      I am so very proud!

      Thank you for your words of encouragement.

      May you and your family be blessed eternally!


  4. Ching Reclusado

    Hi Kim,
    So sad to hear what happened. I am so grateful that I found this website that helped me passed the celban for the first time. I didn’t have any resources that time because I was new in canada . I subscribed the listening and writing part and i passed.I was able to work as a nurse here in canada with your help. Thank you so much.

    • Dear Ching,
      Thank you for leaving your comment. I am so happy to know that what I created helped you to pass the CELBAN: especially in writing! That is not an easy feat!
      It is so wonderful to hear that you are a nurse now! What a dream come true!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment, to tell of your good fortune, and to express your gratitude. Now that I am no longer teaching, I rarely get comments and complements. Instead I get negative reviews from people who expect me to do things the same way others do. But as you know, the CELBAN isn’t like any other exam and it can not be taught as such!

      All the best to you, Ching! All the very best!


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