Get Your FREE CELBAN Preparation E-Book today!

Dear Friend,

I am so happy to announce a brand new CELBAN preparation resource. In partnership with Amazon we have launched a new e-book:

It is available FREE with Kindle Unlimited! 

Otherwise it is only $5.99. 

Ensure you have your Kindle Appand Kindle Unlimited Account.  

It is in this new e-book that you will have your questions answered including:

  1. Where do I start my preparations for the CELBAN?
  2. How does CELBANPrepwork?
  3. Why do you have both resources on Amazon and a Membership? 
  4. How does the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Work?
  5. Is there a difference between CELBANPrep Writing Level One and CELBANPrep Writing Level Two? Are they still effective with the recent changes to the CELBAN?
  6. Can I get some writing samples? 

To find out more simply go to:

There you will find out about the 3 free resources

And, you can sign-up for the 7 Day CELBANPrep Membership Trial: for FREE!

Remember, all of CELBANPrep resources – e-books, textbooks, and workbooks – are available in 100 countries through Amazon. (Time is required for shipping and handling of the print material.)

So, friend, get your free copy and let me know how it goes and what you think!

Be Well!


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