How CELBANPrep Memberships Work

How CELBANPrep Memberships Work
Dear Friends,

Let’s say you completed the CELBAN or IELTS: Pre-test, so you know that Nouns and Articles are your weakness.  Knowing this you go to Amazon and purchase the CELBAN or IELTS ~ Grammar Essentials: Student Workbook #1 (Nouns & Articles).   You then go to You go to the CELBANPrep Join Us page  and you get your CELBAN or IELTS Vol 1: Nouns and Articles Membership. When you login you notice there are a bunch of FREE Trials for CELBANPrep Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

You go to the Members Only – CELBAN or IELTS ~ Nouns page. (If you already have a CELBANPrep Membership, log in. You have been granted permission to this page as part of a free trial.) 

Here you will see 15 Videos! And right below that you will see two forums with Writing Assignment Examples. (One is included in the FREE trial. The other is visible when you subscribe.)

Here you see the work of former students applying advanced grammar skills in a medical context. You know you are at the right place! You know, deep within your being: this is the answer you have been looking for! Now you understand. CELBANPrep and Kim are real!

Through the NEW CELBANPrep Memberships you get to see first hand how the CELBANPrep Method works. You get to understand the value of both CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials, and CELBANPrep Writing Level One. Then you can purchase CELBANPrep Books on Amazon with confidence! Remember, you must have both the resource from Amazon AND a membership to prepare for your English Proficiency exam with CELBANPrep!

Get a 7 Day Membership Trial for FREE! 

(Limited Time Offer)



Simply Join CELBANPrep!


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