NEWS: CELBANPrep’s New Look and Easy Access

celbanprep new look and easy accessDear Friends,

Last week, I finally received a message from Amazon, that they were finally approving one of the CELBAN or IELTS Series. It took them well over 6 months to approve this final workbook. (CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials (Student Workbook) Volume 2 – Verbs & Verbals.)

amazon approves celbanprep

Because Volume 2 is required for both Volumes 3 and 4, their delay changed everything for me, my process, and CELBANPrep. The launch of this series was meant to be April 2018, but with this hold up, nothing was coming forth. Everything was interrupted for no real reason. Faith and trust of many IENs that were following me were lost because of this loss in momentum.

So, with that finally approved, I started working on the CELBANPrep website. I had had enough with all the struggles, negative feedback, and amount of education I had to create to ensure that everyone knew how to access the videos embedded in the Amazon Print Replicas (Kindle Interactive Editions). I was frustrated when I got a comment on Facebook – last week – about how my resources were filled with repetitive useless information.

I decided to go back to the basics – how I used to do things – and host the videos on my own website. That means, that the e-books and workbooks will still be available through Amazon; but, the teaching videos will all be hosted, located, and accessed from 

That means that a separate membership will be required to access the videos: so that my intellectual property – my work – is still protected.

I know that some people will not like it, but at this time, with how technology is, there is no other way. I attempted something new – to make it easier on everyone – and it only created more problems and more work for me.

So, I began adding a new sections for the 50 videos for the CELBAN or IELTS series:

Access to these pages is for a limited time only. As this is a sneak preview you will not be able to access the videos.

I liked the look and integration so much, how easy it is to navigate the page and understand how the pieces come together, that I reformatted the sections for:

The E-books are still available on Amazon and CELBANPrep Memberships are still required to access the videos and downloadable test and answer booklets.

celban preparation e-book reviewers sale

In fact, I liked it so much I will be reformatting the pages for:

I do hope that all of this work means that these resources are more accessible then they have been since I partnered with Amazon – using their technology to create and distribute the Kindle Interactive Editions.

I apologize for any difficulties you may have faced.

I thank you for your loyalty and patience.

My intent has always been to make CELBANPrep both affordable and accessible by experimenting with technology; but now, I hope, that in simplifying it all: it is much easier to use!

Be Well!


P.S. More information is forthcoming with new released! Stay tuned! Follow the Dear Kim blog, or @celbanprep on Facebook.

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