New on Amazon ~ CELBAN or IELTS Pre-Test (FREE E-book)

New to Amazon CELBAN or IELTS Pre-Test FREE E-book

Dear Friends,

For the second time in two weeks CELBANPrep has released another piece to the CELBAN or IELTS collection: The CELBAN or IELTS: Pre-test.

The first title released this fall was the How to Pepare for the CELBAN or IELTS: User Guide.

Both E-books are only $2.99 CND, or FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Having Kindle Unlimited is like having a library with access to an entire e-book collection. While there is a monthly subscription, you can sign up for a FREE trial.

That is why CELBANPrep has released two e-books back to back, so that you can get the most out of your Kindle Unlimited membership/trial. (By the way, The CELBAN Trap: 4 Ways IENs Fall is also available for FREE through Kindle Unlimited.)

Like the rest of the CELBAN or IELTS Series, The CELBAN or IELTS: Pre-test has been created to assist you in preparing for your English proficiency exam regardless of which exam you take: be it the CELBAN, the IELTS, or the CELPIP.

One of the best features of the CELBAN is that Internationally Educated Nurses taking this exam receive feedback on their individual strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing and speaking. What this means is that they have knowledge of what they need to improve upon. They can now turn their weaknesses into strengths with intensive study.

But, before now, there have not been resources created specifically to turn weaknesses into strengths.

That is why the CELBAN or IELTS (or CELPIP) Series was created.

Upon working with Internationally Educated Professionals for ten years, preparing for their English Proficiency exams, a pattern emerged early on. The same weaknesses emerged over and over again. They were with:

  1. Nouns & Articles,
  2. Verbs & Verbals,
  3. Agreement Errors, and
  4. Advanced Punctuation.

Over and over again Internationally Educated Professionals made these four errors. And so, the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Series has been created to address each of these weaknesses individually. To encourage intensive focused study, there are four separate guide books that will teach you how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.


(Not only that, there are both Student Workbooks and Facilitator Guides. In total there are almost 20 pieces in the collection!)

But, how do you know which you need?

That is a very good question. And that is what The CELBAN or IELTS: Pre-test is all about.

In this e-book, available in 100 nations for FREE with Kindle Unlimited, you can quiz yourself on nouns, articles, verbs and verbals. Once you see your results, you will have a better understanding of where your weaknesses are.

Or, if you have taken the CELBAN, your results will identify your weaknesses for you.

Another route is to have your weaknesses identified by a qualified coach/teacher/tutor/facilitator. (I say qualified because that is an important quality.)

For a limited time, when this link is active, CELBAN or IELTS: Writing Assessments are available through CELBANPrep (but that is only twice a year for a very short period of time.)

So, that is how you know:

  1. The CELBAN or IELTS: Pre-test
  2. CELBAN results,
  3. Writing Assessments. 

Where do you start?

But, again, I repeat, it is fundamental that you get your copy of How to Pepare for the CoI-FREE-KUCELBAN or IELTS: User Guide  so that you fully understand these resources, how they work, and the technological requirements. This guide is so very important! That is why it is only $2.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited (which can be accessed with the Kindle App on iOS, Android, Macs and PCs.)

Also, follow this blog, or  @CELBANPrep on Facebook for more information about the upcoming releases.

The really cool thing about the The CELBAN or IELTS: Pre-test  is that although this is the first time I am posting about it on or Facebook, it has already been listed among the top ten best-sellers in Adult Education! The word spreads fast! These resources make a difference. They have in the past, and they will again for you and your friends: whether you are preparing for the CELBAN, the IELTS, the CELPIP or any other English Proficiency exam!

Now, for the first time ever, you can study for ALL of them at the same time!

How is that for efficient?

How is that for valuable!

And, you can study for them together in peer led groups, using the Facilitator Guides!

Look out world! There is a new resource available to Internationally Educated Professionals! And, these CELBAN or IELTS (or CELPIP) allow IEPs to prepare intensely in less time!

There has never been anything like it! And when you get your copy of the How to Pepare for the CELBAN or IELTS: User Guide and The CELBAN or IELTS: Pre-test: you will understand why!

Please share!


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