Dear Kim, I hope you could do something more helpful that just like a bite in a piece of pizza.


Dear Kim CELBAN, I hope you could do something more helpful than just a bite in a piece of pizzaHi! I purchased the CelbanPrep bundle study last August 20,2018, but unfortunately I do not get what I am expecting.

  • Firstly, the reading practice is not complete. I can only access the Skim and Scan.
  • Second, for the reading comprehension only the answers sheet and the questions,does not contain the reading

I purchased the Celbanprep without second thought, to be able for me to practice however I am so disappointed.

I hope you could do something more helpful that just like a bite in a piece of pizza.

Best regards,

There are puzzles and mysteries that appear before me as an instructional designer/graphic designer/website designer/teacher/ author. This was one of them. I did not understand what was happening for Cristina. And yet, I was so grateful for her graciousness in voicing her disappointment to me via an e-mail and not a negative review, so I could do something about it.

The answer didn’t come through Cristina. It came through Kimmy, who had left a similar message.

“I was able to access your Listening Materials,” she wrote. “However your reading materials I got confused.”

It was during a phone call that the following conversation happened.

“I have logged into my account at I can get the test booklets when I click on:
  1. Skim and Scan,
  2. Reading Comprehension,
  3. and Fill the Blanks.”
But, she did not know where to find the text for #2 and 3.
“Where do I find the content?” she asked.
Oh! I finally got it.
“There are two parts to the CELBANPrep Complete Series.” I explained.

“You need both the CELBANPrep Membership AND the e-book from Amazon.

“The e-book contains the study guide and the reading material.” I told her.
“No,” she told me.
That was her problem. (She would also need the FREE Kindle App.)
It was then that I realized: I have a section on the website that says,
Two parts

I realized that this information was on the public page, but not on the members only page! Doh!

Within seconds, during the phone call, I made the addition. Now when people with CELBANPrep Memberships for the Complete Series log in, they will see that reminder.

My gratitude goes out to Kimmy and Cristina for contacting me. I thank you both for your graciousness. I thank you for your respect. I thank you for the dignity you treated me with, that says you treat yourself with the same dignity. You definitely sore like eagles.

BTW, Kimmy is not her real name. I changed it because she has a rare and identifiable name. Cristina, though, is more common and as such is less identifiable. Protection of Privacy and all. And I felt the need to use names rather than initials as this story involved two people. KK


2 responses to “Dear Kim, I hope you could do something more helpful that just like a bite in a piece of pizza.

  1. Hi Kim. Do you still have listening for celban?

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

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