Amazon received feedback about the struggles CELBANPrep users experienced!!!

Amazon received feedback about the struggles CELBANPrep users experienced!!!Dear Friend,

It may have taken several months to happen, but finally, Amazon is educating you – IENs- and the public about the Interactive Content (videos and hyperlinks) in Kindle Print Replicas!

It was when I checked -in on the reviews on Amazon, today, that I saw this note educating the public about Kindle Interactive Editions.

Kindle Interactive Edition and CELBANPrep

What is says is that CELBANPrep Print Replicas contain interactive content (videos and links) that are only supported (viewed and accessed) on certain devices; and that other devices will receive the Print Replica without the interactivity.  Meaning: CELBANPrep does contain videos and hyperlinks but they might not be accessible to some people depending on the device they are using!

It is what I have been saying, but finally Amazon is educating the public as well!

How did this come to be?

Why is it that Amazon now has this disclaimer educating the public? 

Amazon received feedback about the struggles CELBANPrep users experienced!!!

Following is the message I sent to the Amazon Publishing team on March 20th, 2018, which resulted in a change in policy!
Now Amazon is educating the public internationally!!!
(You can see the wording on the UK and Australia sites yourself.)
Here is the message I sent. Take note of the advocacy initiated.


My name is Kim Kara.  I am the creator and developer of CELBANPrep, a course that has been created to prepare Internationally Educated Nurses for the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses.  The CELBAN is one of the two English proficiency exams required to become licensed as a nurse in Canada: the only exam that is discipline specific.
(Please checkout my landing page; you will see that it has been solely created for the promotion of the Print Replicas, including my international audience with an individual page for each nation.)
I started teaching CELBANPrep to 6 nurses in a library ten years ago. Since then my name has become synonymous with the exam. When people search for resources they add my name “Kim” to the search engine with “CELBAN”.
Even to this day, ten years later, I am the only developer of exam preparation content.
For several years I have sold regular e-books through Amazon. But when I discovered Print Replicas at Christmas time, 2017, I was on fire. Elated, I set my course in transforming/reformatting the resources I had created to teach online to Print Replicas. I was excited that technology had finally caught up with my vision for the course.  I would be able to integrated the textbook material with the videos that I had created for the online courses!
I knew from the start that there would be limitations with devices such as iPhones and iPads, so I created workarounds. But the number of technological glitches that followed have been disheartening, dampening, and negatively impacting my sales, my brand, and my reputation.
I received a negative review immediately upon launching CELBANPrep Listening Complete (the fundamentally most important piece of this puzzle) that halted all sales until I could go into damage control via e-mails/Facebook/my blog.
Nuohan review
Only after I was able to get some positive reviews were people willing to risk.
BTW, as a vulnerable population, I have an audience that is very sensitive to scams. 
I just created updates to all 5 of my Print Replica titles (I have 4 more in progress). They are being reviewed.
To my request to Community Support to have the review removed, I was told it would not be removed; because, it is within the community guidelines and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, this opinion is because of the limitations of his/her device when it comes to the interactivity.
After this review, I created the attached table, which I added to the first pages of my updates. This information was gathered from feedback from various users who were kind enough to spend time telling me about their experiences. And yet, it is not complete as I do not know what happens when the Print Replicas are viewed from Blackberries. And, one of my users told me that her Acer desktop did not have the interactivity that my HP does, so even there there are differences.
Amazon 5

CELBANPrep Kindle Interactive Requirements Page

In the beginning, I was so excited about the Print Replicas, particularly because of the embedded interactive elements. But I spent two weeks doing damage control. I spent another additional thirty hours adding raw links ( because the embedded ones (Amazon) did not work. (I wish I had known that earlier.)
At the end of the day launching the Print Replicas created a great deal of strain and backlash. To have your Community Support not have my back on this undermines the whole idea of us being the experimenters/explorers of your beta technology. 

It is a great idea. The process  is easy as well. But, it would really help:  If you created a similar table that we can use and integrate when educating the public about Print Replicas.

As you can tell I am both frustrated and annoyed. This needn’t happen. I am certain it is happening to others as well, but maybe the interactivity is not such an issue to them; and, maybe their target audience is not international professionals who come from countries where scam artists make a good living. In either case, my experiences with Amazon before this were effortless; but, not so with Print Replicas.
I view this as a learning experience for all of us, but additional support from your team to us as creators would be so very helpful!
Kim Kara

The immediate reply I received from the Amazon publishing team was disheartening. This was all that was said:

Thanks for writing to us. Sorry for the trouble you had. 

Thank you very much for the detailed breakdown of issues… Your feedback is extremely important to us and helps us improve our offerings. I have passed this information to our product team so that they consider it for upcoming improvements.

I hope this helps. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

It was only today, as I checked in to see if any new reviews had been posted on Amazon that I noticed the following note:
Kindle Interactive Edition of CELBANPrep Listening

Wohoo! It took somewhere within the last 5 months for Amazon:

  1. to add this disclaimer,
  2. to educated users as I had requested, and,
  3. as an added bonus, to validate that CELBANPrep Print Replicas DO CONTAIN INTERACTIVE ELEMENTS! 🙂

Instead of creating a table they simply chose to educate the public about the Interactive Content in Kindle Print Replicas.

Thank you Amazon! 

Thank you (1)

That is how you change the world! KK


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