♥ Sometimes, I feel very exhausted and stressed… My schedule is overwhelming…

Sometimes I feel exhausted and stressed. My schedule is overwhelming. Kim. CELBAN.Hi kim,

Thank you so much for sending another assignment, It’s been a long time that I did not respond or submit any assignment. There are times that I just only read but I don’t have time to do it. As I’ve said before, I’m the breadwinner, my husband is studying, we just bought a new house and also I decided to study to improve my confidence and I’m currently studying Communication for health professional. I worked during the night and go to school 1-5:30pm monday to friday. I only slept 2-3 hours a day because I’m not driving my work and school was far from my place approximately One hour drive. So i need to leave the house earlier. Sometimes, I feel very exhausted and stressed with my life. My schedule is overwhelming but I need to work with it. Hoping that someday all this sacrifices pays off. My schooling will be done on November 29.  After that I can focus on my celban review. My schedule with the exam on celban maybe December or January? There is no specific schedule yet, Since I rescheduled my exam from september but CELaS said they dont have schesule yet. G

Dear G,

I am so glad you took the time to write. I have been thinking of you. I know, how is that possible with all the nurses I meet? Well, somehow it is possible when I have a connection with a person to think about them, especially if they have shared with me a bit about their life circumstances.

I am glad you are able to read, if not write and practice.

Worry not G, unfortunately your situation is too common. I have built the flexibility into CELBANPrep because it is the only way to provide support and instruction for people with schedules like you. But it does take time and dedication to sit down to do the assignments, which anyone who has taken CELBANPrep knows the secret to passing the exam with CELBANPrep is practice, practice, practice.

At the end of the day, G, it is important to make sure you are learning how to take care of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health while balancing a busy schedule. It will not get easier, as an RN. You will still be doing the same thing: never having time. As a Graduate Nurse it will be hard to find time to study for the NCLEX. So your main life lesson right now is developing some health patterns, and seeking support, so that you make sure you are taking care of yourself. Suffering burnout when you are close to achieving your goal will be detrimental to your success. Time Management is key! Seeking support is essential.

I attended a workshop where my favorite author committed me to “be my own best friend.” G, will you be your own best friend and take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?



6 responses to “♥ Sometimes, I feel very exhausted and stressed… My schedule is overwhelming…

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  4. Dear G
    Feeling overwhelmed is normal. I have been there too! Life is hectic, and sometimes it’s easy for our work schedule to race out of control. Dear G, when overwhelmed I do my best to live in the moment and deal with the situation at hand. If you bring it all on in your mind, the task at hand becomes so much more harder to do. So always remember to breath deeply, maintain a balance in your life: work, spiritual, and physical. Most importantly you are to take care of yourself. I am sure that there are lots of people out there who need you! Planning for all stages of life is so very important for ones life and health.

    Be happy and productive. You can move forward, just place your trust in God. His miracles do wonders!

    Sometimes it takes the journey of the whirlwinds, but in the end all your dedication, commitment, and hard work will pay off!

    You can do it!

    May God guide you today and always……

    Warm wishes.

  5. It is going to be tougher. We just have to think that all of this is meant to happen for a greater purpose. All our hardships will pay off. Keep believing that you will pass. Keep working and lastly, pray. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Ann! I agree completely, and appreciate that you took the time from your very busy schedule to write! Great to hear from you again! Have a great day! Kim

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