3G* Writing for CELBAN and IELTS ~ Which is easier?

Updated 2021

Dear Friend,

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When I first read Rashin’s assignment I could see she was working very hard to incorporate vocabulary – which is required on the IELTS – while writing about the pros and cons of children participating in sports.

In time, having taken both the CELBAN and the IELTS, and preparing for the CELBAN with the materials, classes and courses offered through CELBANPrep, I asked her to answer the question I am asked all the time, “Which is easier the IELTS or the CELBAN?”

Following are quotes from two conversations.

Here is her first assignment:

A war of words is being waged on the subject  of whether sport has positive impacts on children or not. I feel confident in stating that the pros outweigh cons.

It is believed that sports have a detrimental effect on youngsters’ behavior. Due to the competitive nature of sports, they might become violent. For example, when children lose the competition, they are likely  to show bad behavior, like crying or screaming. Physical damage is another negative side of sports on young people. Owing to the fact that sports need various levels of physical activities, they might hurt themselves. In some cases, they are likely to be involved in long-term disabilities.

In contrast, the positive impacts of competitions on children are conspicuous. Undoubtedly,  for  those children who do exercise regularly, they have the opportunity to reap the benefits of strong muscles and  a fit body. Moreover, sports can help  ayoung generation to improve their social skills.

Due to the fact that being a team member requires teamwork, they are responsible to fulfill their duties as a team member. As a result, a sense of co-operation and responsibility will improve among them tremendously, which can influence their future career.

All in all, it can be asserted that although sport has some negative effects on young people, the positive points of sport on children cannot be ignored.

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Wow, this really seems like an IELTS topic. Great vocabulary. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the CELBAN!

I am very impressed with your writing, Rashin, but please relax a little…Please read some of the posts on my blog to get a better understanding of what is required on the CELBAN Writing tasks. Writing Sample for CELBAN.

After you do, please comment on the similarities and differences between the IELTS and CELBAN. Which do you think is easier?


Dear Kim

I love your tutoring. I have never seen this method before… I am so happy that there is a person who care about my writing and try to instruct me how to correct my mistakes. I am so excited when I am looking for my errors to correct them, because this method helps me to know my weaknesses. I am trying to strength my weaknesses particularly grammar and spelling…

I feel confident in stating that the CELBAN is more easier than  the IELTS, because CELBAN is related to my major and I just need to have a good knowledge of nursing. With regard to the IELTS, the candidates should have a wide information about various things like, social, economy, political, educational or environmental issues. Due to these reasons, I, as a person who have taken the IELTS exam three times, can say that the CELBAN exam is easier than the IELTS.

All the Best,


Dear Rashin,

The method I am using was something I learned when I was a Teaching Assistant at the University for a Professor who taught a communication class. As TA’s we were to mark the assignments handed in in our labs. We were instructed to welcome assignments, from students who had good time management and could hand them in early. We were to give them feedback, so they could improve their score. I had students do this three and four times, and because of their work and preparation they got very high marks. One went from a 70% to a 95%.
Another professor was also my inspiration. He taught me about two errors I made repeatedly, one was the comma before the word “which”. I can not remember what the other one was. After working with both of them, I actually enjoyed studying the advanced grammar rules.
I am so glad you took the risk, and subscribed to CELBANPrep!
Can I post what you have written on my blog? Would you like me to include your name or use an initial?

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Dear Kim

Thank you for your comments. It would be my pleasure if you use my comments on your blog. It does not matter to display my name or my country in  your blog.



NOTE: Added May 2018. Rashin is now registered as an RN, working in Emergency. She has been doing so for well over three years now. KK


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  1. What did you learn from this post? Which is easier? The IELTS or the CELBAN? ~Kim

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