Can you please give me more hints about finding the UPDATE button for CELBANPrep from Amazon?

Amazon Update

Hi Kim,

Thank you for mediating to us with Amazon to update the Celban versions,
Now, I am tried to do it myself, but I did not find the Update button.
Can you please give me more hints about this?


I checked mine, and I don’t have an update button either. I checked my e-book and it is because it is already updated.
Maybe we can talk on the phone and see what is happening, tomorrow. What time would be good for you, and what is your phone number?

Good morning Kim,

Thank you and sorry to bother you for such a small thing.
Tomorrow around 12.30 pm is ok?
With a lot of Love,

The following is what we discovered from this process. Thanks goes out to Simona for taking the time to share with me her experience so that I could share the following with you.

Step One

Login to Manage Your Content and Devices page ( 

NOTE: if you login to an Amazon that is not your national Amazon (1), it may be missing your titles (2). You may be confused. Find the link (3).

Amazon 1

Either click on the link, or ensure that the original link is correct for your national  Amazon. For instance. Note the difference:

Each of these pages goes to the same page, Manage Your Content and Devices. The difference is that each one is for a different national site (.ca/.com/.uk)

Step Two

Click on the Update Available button.

Amazon 2

Step Three

If you have more than one device with a Kindle App, right-click on the button under (1)Actions. Click on to (2) Deliver to: Others. 

Amazon 3

Step Four

Open your Kindle App. Go to your Kindle Library. (1)Click the refresh button to update your library. (2) Find the title you updated. (3) Look for the Update Available SymbolAmazon 4

Step Five

There are three ways to know if your Amazon Kindle Print Replica has been updated: that you have the most recent version available.

  1. The addition of the Requirements Page and Table.
  2. Each embedded link is also followed by a raw link.
  3. The Inclusion of Link Pages for the pages that have been created with embedded links within text or graphics.
Amazon 5

Requirements Page

These adaptations ensure that everyone purchasing Print Replica resources through Amazon is able to access everything easily and with ease, regardless of the limitations of the technology each individual is using.

Thanks again to Simona who gave me permission to share our process, with her name. I am exceedingly grateful that Simona took the time to share with me her struggles in accessing the updates to CELBANPrep Print Replicas published before March 19, 2018.


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