8G*► I did my Celban last May without any preparation or any study guide

I did my Celban last May without any preparation or any study guideHi Kim, I am from Philippines and just came 2 months here in Canada
I did my Celban last May  without any preparation or any study guide. My score in Listening is 7, Reading 8 Writing 6 and speaking 7 . I was frustrated and I’m planning to take again on November … J

Dear J,

I can understand your frustration. Many people take the exam without preparation, often as soon as they arrive, and without knowing they can only take the exam three times. This phenomenon is called the CELBAN Trap. I strongly advise that you do not take the exam until you are confident you will pass! Your score will expire in two years, and it will take longer to become a nurse. Some of the people IKU-CT4-Free taught two years ago, are coming back to me now. They are GNs preparing for the CRNE, but with their English expiring they have to refocus on retaking the exam. It is vital that you be able to pass this time, and have one more opportunity to take it again when your score expires. I know nurses who did not pass the third time, and can not be a nurse in Canada. Although you have experienced frustration, they experienced heart break when their dreams of life in Canada shattered.

The good thing is that your scores are really high. To achieve these scores without help and preparation is unheard of! Remarkable. This is a great achievement, so I hope you did celebrate. I know many many people that hope to have scores this high!

But I advise against you taking the exam too soon, and without preparation. Please consider the resources available at CELBANPrep. there are study guides, practice exams and courses. With you just arriving, you may think the courses are too expensive, but they are based on the fees for similar IELTS classes here in Canada. But they do not go on sale. I have sales on CELBANPrep twice a month. So if you can not afford it now, save up. You can use some of the cheaper resources for now, and September would be a good time to start the courses… unless you are eager and want to start today! If you do start with some of our payed resources it is possible for you to be ready for November, but you would have to be willing to work hard, and dedicate time to practicing. A minimum of 30 minutes a day for each skill is required.Hope_Sessions_Header

So what do you think? Are you motivated to try it again? Are you willing to prepare? Are you smart enough to know good council when you receive it?

Let me know what you think.


5 responses to “8G*► I did my Celban last May without any preparation or any study guide

  1. Dear Kim,
    I am residing in mississauga,i am a Nurse from India .I want to appear for CELBAN Exam this year .But am not clear about curriculam,can you guide me.Is there any online preperations.

    Thanks ,

    • Dear Manisha,
      All of CELBANPrep’s resources (textbooks, e-books, sample tests and study guides) for the four skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) are all available online through Amazon. Please go to http://www.celbanprep.info for more information on what is available.
      Thanks for the great question!

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  3. Hi Kim,
    As much as I am interested to take the exam again this December, I really need your help on Intensive review online. Please advice me, how to start and when to start. Thanks.

    • Dear Josie,

      Starting now to prepare for an exam in December is a great start! With CELBANPrep we have lots of resources for you to prepare for reading, writing, listening and speaking. You can also get more information at http://www.celbanprep.info or Amazon.

      The reviews that I have are very intensive: depending on your skill level you can complete them in two months. If you start now, you can use the extra time to practice. But, please ensure you get a tutor using these resources and the CELBANPrep Method. (https://dear-kim.com/tag/celbanprep-method) It will make a difference!

      Hope this helps, Josie!
      Have a great day!

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