I have a concern. I don’t have credit card which requires from the Amazon website.

I have a concern.I don't have credit card which requires from the Amazon website.Hello Miss Kim,

I am Sherol and I am currently residing in Canada.I am very interested to buy your 3 books: CelbanPrep Listening, Reading and Speaking. I have a concern.I don’t have credit card which requires from the Amazon website.I can pay those books through my online banking.

I hope from hearing to you soon.



Reprinted from a comment on Dear-Kim.com

Hello Sherol,

Thank you for your message. Thank you for sharing your desire to access CELBANPrep to assist you in preparing for the CELBAN!

What a great question!

CELBANPrep 2018/2020 is solely available through Amazon, with the exception of the Sample Test and Answer Booklets.
(Because the CELBANPrep Suite is now available as a Print Replica e-book, the downloadable printable pages needed to be hosted – and protected – somewhere; so, they are available at http://www.celbanprep.info once you get your CELBANPrep Membership. When it comes to that piece, the payment process is through Paypal, because of it’s security. Payments can be with debit/credit/or a Pay Pal account. the cost for a membership is only $10.)

But, when it comes to Amazon the payment options are:

* Credit
* Amazon Gift Cards (available at most grocery stores and pharmacies)
* Visa Gift Cards (available at banks)

Those are some of the options available to you.

I do hope that helps, Sherol!

Thank you so much for reaching out. Your question, and the answer are helpful to many others… so much so that I will be posting it as a post on Dear Kim.

Be Well!

P.S. When you have accessed them, please write a review. And if there are any problems or comments please contact me so I can do my best to improve what I can! Every improvement makes it better for those who follow you on this path! 🙂

3 responses to “I have a concern. I don’t have credit card which requires from the Amazon website.

  1. Dear kim,

    I had already purchased both the celbanprep listening and reading complete. I am trying to purchase your celbanprep membership which is 15 dollars for celban bundle for reading and listening. However, it is asking me to ship on my billing address. I am just wondering if this would be a booklet or a member ship card that they will send to my kindle to access the sample guide and test answers. I really appreciate your answer and quick response. Thank you so much and have a good day.



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  3. Kim please do not give your banking details to unknown people. I have been let down by this
    Speaking from experience. She can ask a friend or make other means.

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