Save over 50% on CELBANPrep Listening Complete!!!

Study BundleNew on Amazon!!!

CELBANPrep Listening Complete:
Study Guide and Sample Tests

Prepare for CELBAN Listening with CELBANPrep Complete!
This resource contains:

* CELBANPrep Listening Study Guide and
* 2 CELBANPrep Listening Sample Tests

These Sample Tests are meant for you to learn about the FORMAT for the exam; as such they are not evaluative. Remember, preparing for CELBAN Listening requires more than merely taking exam after exam. To get a 10 in Listening requires a high level of skill (competency) so challenge yourself! Remember that each score on the CELBAN is a Benchmark; increasing your score one benchmark takes as much time as it takes to go up one one grade. Use your time wisely! Here is a cool tag: 10 in CELBAN Listening.

NOTE: There are TWO PARTS to the CELBANPrep Complete Series

  1. The Print Replica e-book from Amazon
  2. The Test and Answer Booklets from CELBANPrep

ALSO: Every device interprets the embedded information (videos and links) differently. Once you become familiar with how your device interprets the information, access will be much easier. To get the full effect, access your CELBANPrep Complete on different devices.

Value: $24.97
Learn more about CELBANPrep Listening Complete ›

CELBANPrep Reading Complete:
Study Guide and Sample Tests

CELBANPrep Reading Complete contains four resources:

* CELBANPrep Reading Study Guide
* 3 CELBANPrep Reading Sample Tests:
(including Skimming and Scanning, Fill-in-the-blanks and Reading Comprehension.)

These resources have been created so that you become familiar with the FORMAT of the CELBAN exam; as such they have not been created for evaluative purposes. Best practices for passing the exam do not include taking exams over and over again. Best practices for passing CELBAN Reading include following the suggestions in the Study Guide: increasing competencies in the English language. Check out the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials for additional resources for the Fill-in-the-Blank component of the CELBAN Exam. Check out the tag: I passed the CELBAN on my first attempt!

NOTE: There are TWO PARTS to the CELBANPrep Complete Series

  1. The Print Replica e-book from Amazon

  2. The Test and Answer Booklets from CELBANPrep

To accommodate for the limitations of having a Print Replica e-book, links have been created to where you can access the Test and Answer Booklets. A nominal fee is charged for you to access these supplemental resources.

Value: $34.96

Learn about CELBANPrep Reading Complete ›

B00kstoreonthCl0udStudy for the CELBAN Internationally
(Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, UK and US) more info ›

Giving Reviews on Amazon

As I was creating this post, I went to Amazon to get the details to add in the descriptions of CELBANPrep 2018/2020. I was shocked to find this review:

1.0 out of 5 starsplz dont buy it. It is a scam. …
March 9, 2018
Verified Purchase
plz dont buy it. It is a scam. the website in this book is nonsense and cannot open it. there is no videos and audios in relevant websties. I hope I am the last one to be cheated.

One of my questions, when I read this, was, “Why didn’t he/she reach out to me and tell me of his/her difficulties so that I could make changes or modifications, if required; or educate him/her about the process? Why would a person slander someone upon receiving more than 75 pages of information?”

One of the bonuses of Kindle Print Replicas is the ability to embed videos; but, desktops, laptops, tablets and phones all interpret this information differently! And, they take time to load! I have included work arounds to get around each of the limitations by uploading the videos to YouTube and adding links. I have also recommended that you access your resources on various devices so that you have a complete experience. Please read the instructions. People fail exams by not doing so!

Also, please, if you have difficulties please contact me by writing a comment so that I can make whatever changes are required.

Thanks goes out to Gurvinj, LT, DH, Olof, Amrit, and Merry for your reviews. Also to Mandeep, Mary, and Reids who will be adding theirs soon. My heart is full with love and appreciation to you for your continued support. It really makes a difference!

If you have purchased any of the CELBANPrep Suite on Amazon, or taken CELBANPrep: please give a review! If you already have an Amazon account, and have made previous purchases through Amazon (min $50) you are automatically considered a member of the Amazon Community and can write a review. Purchases are not required. But, when you have made a purchase, it is verified as part of your review. Either way, purchase or not, your reviews are so very welcome. (Again: if you are having problems – contact me comment!!!)


Questions and Answers

Q. How Do You Feel When People Accuse You of Being a Scam, or Claim That Your Prices Are Too High?

Q. Why Are CELBANPrep Textbooks Priced as They Are?

What Is So Special About the CELBANPrep Text Books?

Is There Anything Else to Add About These The CELBANPrep Books?

Why Is the Required Benchmark for CELBAN so High?

Also Available!!!


CELBANPrep is now available on Amazon in Canada, US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, India, Japan, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain

CELBANPrep Writing Level One Textbook:
CELBAN or IELTS Review Material

Preparing for an English Proficiency exam requires more than simply sitting down and writing. Those who get the highest scores know how to do two things: 1) how to manage their time effectively and 2) how to identify their own errors and correct them before the test is up.

For over ten years Internationally Educated Nurses have increased their scores for the CELBAN Writing task by mastering these skills. Through CELBANPrep Writing Level One, by managing their time so that they have time left to find mistakes and correct them – IENs have been able to increase their scores not only on the CELBAN but also the IELTS and every other written test/assignment/task that they have completed after taking CELBANPrep. read more >>

Value: $350 CND

CELBANPrep Speaking Textbook: CELBAN Review Materials
How to Prepare for the CELBAN Speaking Test

Thousands of Internationally Educated Nurses from around the world and across Canada have benefited from Dear Kim’s CELBANPrep Speaking course. Now, for the first time ever: it is available as a text book! Increase your benchmark by studying with a friend and/or a tutor. English teachers will benefit from the CELBANPrep Method! For more information go to

Follow the footsteps of hundreds of nurses before you: increase your score on the CELBAN by using this CELBAN review material.


CELBANPrep Speaking is not just a book, it is a course containing instructions, videos, assignments and tips for success.

A special section has been created for tutors who use CELBANPrep to assist IENs in passing the CELBAN. ~~ read more >>

Value: $250 CND

CELBANPrep Writing Level Two Textbook:

Get your CELBAN Writing Reviewer, now available from CELBANPrep through Amazon as a textbook!

This text book is for you if you are one of the Wise IENs who has learned how to manage your time effectively and how to identify your own errors and correct them before the time is up, using the CELBANPrep Writing Level One Textbook: CELBAN or IELTS Review Material ~ Test Taking Strategies for How to Prepare for the Writing Task.

Having learned how to use time efficiently, followed by both identifying and correcting errors, in Level One, you are ready for CELBANPrep Writing Level Two: Writing in a Nursing Context. In this second volume of CELBANPrep Writing you are able to apply the advanced test taking strategies to writing incident and assessment reports! You will also be taught about form filling. more>>

Value: $555 CND

About the CELBAN or IELTS Series

Did you know that one of the most common questions I get asked is, “Which should I take: the CELBAN or the IELTS?” In fact “CELBAN vs IELTS” is a common search term. This question reoccurred so many times it became one of the 7 Things You Must Know to Pass the CELBAN, and is featured as a tag on Dear Kim!

So many IENs become paralyzed by this question that I changed my answer. Instead of studying for one exam: study for both at the same time! Such is the inspiration for the CELBAN or IELTS series. The strategies taught through the CELBAN or IELTS series can be applied to any exam. What that means is that anyone can use these resources; so, you can study with family and friends that aren’t nurses and are preparing for other exams!

Instructional manuals will also be made available for teachers/tutors/mentors/guides. more>>

CP2018KWhy Amazon’s Kindle?

There are three reasons why IEPC has partnered with Amazon:
Recent advances in technology allow for textbooks to be created with interactivity: links and embedded videos!
Kindle e-books are accessible on phones, tablets and computers with the free app!
Amazon is international: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, UK and US!
Mind you, royalties for items at this price point are 35%. Amazon gets the rest; but, they do deserve it for making these resources available to IENs across Canada and around the world.

As a note, I think it is quite funny. I have sold CELBANPrep study guides to people in India are received mere pennies for it! 🙂

Please Note: please read the instructions about accessing the videos. All devices interpret the embedded information differently! Kindle Apps act differently on computers and laptops as compared to tablets and phones.

Sales Policy landscapeSave over 50%

As promised, consistent with the CELBANPrep Compassionate Pricing Policy, all CELBANPrep Resources are on sale:

  • CELBANPrep Listening Complete is $24.97 $9.99 CND
  • CELBANPrep Reading Complete is $34.96 $9.99CND
  • CELBANPrep Writing Level One is $350 $44.44 CND
  • CELBANPrep Writing Level Two is $555 $77.77 CND
  • CELBANPrep Speaking is $250 $77.77 CND.

Simply go to Amazon and enter “CELBANPrep”.

This offer is for 72 hours ONLY!

Offer expires: March 17, Midnight, EST
(The price will automatically be increased.)




4 responses to “Save over 50% on CELBANPrep Listening Complete!!!

  1. Hello Miss Kim,

    I am Sherol and I am currently residing in Canada.I am very interested to buy your 3 books: CelbanPrep Listening, Reading and Speaking. I have a concern.I don’t have credit card which requires from the Amazon website.I can pay those books through my online banking.

    Would you just give me your bank account so that I could send you my payment if ever?

    I hope from hearing to you soon.



    • Hello Sherol,

      Thank you for your message. Thank you for sharing your desire to access CELBANPrep to assist you in preparing for the CELBAN!

      What a great question!

      CELBANPrep 2018/2020 is solely available through Amazon, with the exception of the Sample Test and Answer Booklets.
      (Because the CELBANPrep Suite is now available as a Print Replica e-book, the downloadable printable pages needed to be hosted – and protected – somewhere; so, they are available at once you get your CELBANPrep Membership. When it comes to that piece, the payment process is through Paypal, because of it’s security. Payments can be with debit/credit/or a Pay Pal account. the cost for a membership is only $10.)

      But, when it comes to Amazon the payment options are:

      * Credit
      * Amazon Gift Cards (available at most grocery stores and pharmacies)
      * Visa Gift Cards (available at banks)

      Those are some of the options available to you.

      Sharing my banking information is not possible, at this time, for even if I did, you would not be able to access the resources that are available through Amazon! That defeats our entire purpose!

      I do hope that helps, Sherol!

      Thank you so much for reaching out. Your question, and the answer are helpful to many others… so much so that I will be posting it as a post on Dear Kim.

      Be Well!

      P.S. When you have accessed them, please write a review. And if there are any problems or comments please contact me so I can do my best to improve what I can! Every improvement makes it better for those who follow you on this path! 🙂

    • thank you for the information Miss Kim.

    • You are so very welcome, Sherol. Please let me know how it goes! KK

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