CELBANPrep Listening 2018/2020 Now Available!

Dear Friend,

I am so excited to announce that both CELBANPrep Listening Complete and CELBANPrep Reading Complete are available through Amazon!

While in the past the Study Guides and Sample Tests were available individually: they are now available in a bundle! With each of the CELBANPrep Complete series you get:

  • a Study Guide filled with useful tips and resources on how to increase your competencies, and
  • at least 2 Sample Tests!

Remember: Sample Tests are different from practice exams. Because the format of the CELBAN is so different from other English Proficiency exams it is important for you to understand the format so that you can determine which test taking strategies you need to master. Is it time management? Is it reading speed?

Also note that because the CELBANPrep Method is about you actually learning the English language and the Canadian culture, we discourage the strategy of taking practice tests over and over again in the hopes of obtaining the required benchmark. Instead, the CELBANPrep Method encourages the development of skills, abilities and competencies. That is what you are being tested on!

So, the CELBANPrep Complete series does not include practice exams. Instead ample resources are suggested to you, where you will be able to increase your skills in both listening and reading in a Canadian Nursing Context.

Mind you, there is one additional resource that is forthcoming. That is the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials. This resource is being created for you to increase your skills and competencies, turning your weaknesses into strengths, in the areas most IENs make mistakes. Using these resources will increase your score in:

  • CELBAN Reading: fill-in-the-blanks,
  • CELBANPrep Writing: both tasks, and
  • CELBANPrep Speaking: all tasks.

So, tell all your friends! CELBANPrep Listening Complete and CELBANPrep Reading Complete are now available internationally through Amazon! That includes: Austrailia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, the US and the UK. (Prices in effect in Brazil, Mexico, and India reflect the CELBANPrep Compassionate Pricing Policy.)

CELBANPrep Listening

One more thing.

For the next 72 hours the entire CELBANPrep Suite, that is available on Amazon, is on sale.

  • CELBANPrep Listening Complete is $24.44 CND
  • CELBANPrep Reading Complete is $24.44 CND
  • CELBANPrep Writing Level One is $155.55 $55.55 CND
  • CELBANPrep Writing Level Two is $155.55 $ 77.77 CND
  • CELBANPrep Speaking is $155.55 $ 77.77 CND.

If you have questions about the CELBANPrep pricing please check out the following post:

Remember to let your friends know: CELBANPrep Listening Complete is now available, and everything is on sale for the next 72 hours!

Have a great day!


P.S. If you have purchased CELBANPrep Writing or Speaking, new updates are available! KK

One response to “CELBANPrep Listening 2018/2020 Now Available!

  1. Dear Miss Kim,

    I just want to inform you that I bought the 3 books, Listening,Reading and Speaking yesterday.My concern is that I cannot open the videos as well as the link of the youtube.

    The application of Kindle could not open the audio.What is the remedy for playing those tracks?

    Thank you.



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