Q. Why Are CELBANPrep Textbooks Priced as They Are?

Q. Why Are CELBANPrep Textbooks Priced as They Are?

A. The resources you are getting are textbooks.

The value of textbooks is higher than fictional novels. If you do a search on the price of textbooks you will find the average range is in the hundreds of dollars in Canada. I, Kim, paid anywhere between $150-$350/textbook when I was in university. I spend thousands of dollars during my two degrees buying text books. Such is the cost of education. Why?

Because novels are sold globally to millions of people. Text books are sold to a much smaller market. The costs of research and development and production are not shared among the many but the relatively few.

What is rare simply costs more.

When it comes to e-books the costs associated with hosting, uploading, downloading and advertising to a global market need to be considered. That is why the royalties through Amazon for items listed over $20 is a mere 35% to the author. (You can check these facts.)

In fact, Amazon is charging me ~$10 for you to download each of the CELBANPrep textbooks. For that reason alone, CELBANPrep text books can not be sold for the same price as an e-book or novel. It is out of the question to even think of selling the CELBANPrep Textbooks for a mere $5 or $10 dollars.

Besides, while a novel takes time to create (I know I have written four this past year), they are only words. A text book is complete with so much more. The CELBANPrep textbooks include:

  • embedded videos,
  • graphics,
  • diagrams,
  • assignments,
  • self assessments,
  • interactive links,
  • and the like.

The layout of a novel is simple. It is merely words on a page. But a textbook requires another layout altogether. It requires graphics to be in a certain location, thus they need to be “anchored” in space. They can not be on flowable pages, that are seen in e-book novels.

In fact, it is because they look like a printed copy of a textbook that ebooks formatted in this way are called Print Replicas. They are replicating (repeating) what they look like in print!

Thus, a completely different sent of technical skills, abilities, platforms and software is required.

rare resources cost more to create, their value is greater and their price reflects that.

In other words, rare resources cost more to create, their value is greater and their price reflects that.

A shift in your mindset, in your understanding, in your expectations for CELBANPrep textbooks available internationally through Amazon, must occur as you contemplate making a purchase.

I wish I could have complained about the cost of text books when I was in university; but what would it do? Would I have been able to pass my exams, complete my courses, earn my degrees?

No. The cost of education in Canada is high.

But, like everywhere else in the world: if you want a good education you must be willing to pay for it.


  1. Make CELBANPrep More Affordable
  2. Make CELBANPrep More Accessible

It took a while to fulfill. It took advances in technology to make it happen. And yet, CELBANPrep 2018/2020 is the fulfillment of that promise.

  1. The CELBANPrep text books are more affordable than the courses, particularly in countries such as India, Mexico and Brazil.
  2. Through Amazon CELBANPrep 2018/2020 is available not only in Canada and the US but also: Brazil, Germany, France, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, and the UK. Other countries will be included as Amazon expands.
  3. CELBANPrep 2018/2020 is accessible on: your desktop, your laptop, your tablet and your smart phone. Apple does not allow for embedded videos for iPads and iPhones, but access to the videos has been included.

CELBANPrep 2018 is both more affordable and more accessible.

Learn more about how to study for the CELBAN Internationally!

Reprinted from: An Interview with Kim

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  4. Hi Kim,

    I Want to buy a sample of listening practice test, because I need to practice more on this before getting the test itself. If this is possible, would you let me know how to do it?

    Thank you very much, Rosario

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