Q. How Much Did the CELBANPrep Courses Cost?

Q. How Much Did the CELBANPrep Courses Cost?

A. Typically CELBANPrep Writing cost more that CELBANPrep Speaking because of the time, energy and dedication Writing Coaches put into the editing process when it came to both Level One and Level Two. Typically one assignment would be reviewed 3-5 times each through the CELBANPrep Method. Most IENs were working on two assignments at a time.

The value of CELBANPrep Writing Level One or Two was $850. Sale prices were around $500. The textbooks are being sold for much less.

(Prices have been decreased substantially to make it more affordable in countries such as India, Mexico and Brazil. Should Amazon extend the the Philippines the same Compassionate Pricing Policy will be in effect.)

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With CELBANPrep Speaking IENs were invited to attend monthly Conference Calls (with an am/pm session). Once an IEN subscribed to CELBANPrep he/she could attend as many sessions as he/she could up until his/her exam date. IENs also had a One-on-One Consultation one month prior to their exam, with a follow up a few weeks after if required. But by this point most IENs were so unconsciously competent that the second one-on-one was not required.

The value of CELBANPrep Speaking was $500. Sales were offered for no less than $250. The text book is being sold for much less than that.

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Reprinted from: An Interview with Kim

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