Do you have listening materials to sell?

Dear Friend,

I just received an e-mail with the following question, “Hi Kim, Do you have listening materials to sell?”

My reply, to her, was:

Hey R!

Thanks for your question! 
In fact, as a result of the high ranking of CELBANPrep, I have been working on converting the CELBANPrep Reading and Listening Compete to the textbook format for Amazon. Mind you, they are not courses like the ones I developed for Writing and Speaking. I have a course for Listening, but it is still under developed. 
You will be receiving a notification very soon, about the release of CELBANPrep Listening Complete. 
In all reality, it was not even on the docket, until CELBANPrep was rated #1,2 and 3! It is only because people have been responding, and purchasing these resources, that the Kindle version of CELBANPrep Listening Complete will even exist! 
Have a great weekend!
That is how CELBANPrep works. It is how it has always worked. What I have done and created has always been based on the needs of Internationally Educated Nurses. But, for me to continue to develop resources requires your support. To date I have spent two weeks, 14 to 16 hour days, converting CELBANPrep Study Guides and Sample Tests for you.

I want to share my reality with you. This is a text message thread I had with one of the IENs I taught , who became a Speaking Mentor, and is now my good friend, when she got an email about CELBANPrep being rated #1, 2 and 3 Best Seller.

“Congratulations on your success as CELBANPrep being one of the best sellers by Amazon. I jut read the email now and am really smiling big as I read it. I’m soooo proud of you. You did it!” She added, “You kept the price down which made it affordable for everyone. I think that will make a difference.”
“Thanks,” I replied. “Being the #1, 2, 3 Best Seller is cool, but, I just calculated it moments ago. Getting only 35% royalties – to date I have been paid $2/hr. Affordable  for others is one thing… but covering expenses is another. I am charged $10 from Amazon for download charges alone. At $27 I get less than $10 per book.”

She replied, “I guess it is more rewarding for you…. If others appreciate your work, it’s worth the effort, although you get paid less.”

She was right. She knew me well. “Art is meant to be admired, appreciated, and evoke some kind of emotion. Once I learned that I could embed videos in the text books – why they are not priced like other books – I could not leave CELBANPrep in my computer “to gather dust”, not when I KNOW they can make a difference in the lives of others.”

I added, “I have to generate trust again. I lost so much of it over the two years of relative inactivity. And now there are so many sharks in the pond: people teaching for the CELBAN for money and not to make a difference in the world.

I cried when I read her reply, just as I cry now as I type, “No one coaches, mentors or teaches like you do coz you instill love and compassion with motivation in your work. No teachers or colleges could do that because they are only used to “thinking” strategies, not “feeling”. Nurses need that motivation and encouragement to pass CELBAN and really develop that confidence. No matter how good you are, if you’re nervous, and lacking the courage to pass because of a lack of support and encouragement, then success can not be guaranteed.”

I share this with you, Friend, so that you understand my reality, my intent, my ambition when you see the prices of the CELBANPrep material.

I am a person, with a Masters in Education, specializing in personal and professional development in particular: written and verbal communication, and manifesting meaningful work. I infuse my heart and soul in what I do because my goal is to make a difference in the world. It was the same when my daughter was alive, before my two year hiatus, and now that she is gone. But, something changed in me, at the time of her death and these two years that follow. I have understood that my Individual Worth on this planet at this time is derived from my Knowledge of my Divine Nature. And it is carrying forward a message of emotional resilience through hope, faith and courage that is my personal mission. It always has been; but now, it is my only goal and the true intention and the root of the Dear Kim Sessions.

Mission on earth
So, while I offer CELBANPrep resources through Amazon to support you in creating connections that sustain your dreams of getting the required score on the CELBAN I invite you to open your minds, your hearts and your spirits to what else I am offering: because there is so much more!

In Spirit,

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