CELBANPrep 2018: expensive for an ebook?

Recently Pearl made the following comment on Facebook, “Very expensive for an ebook.” 

This was my reply:

Pearl, I thank you for your comment.

The question I have for you is, “How much are you willing to invest in your future?”

When you consider that as a nurse you will be making over $40/hr. Considering most people work 40 hrs a week for 50 weeks a year (2000 hrs /yr) you will be making $80,000/yr. How much money do you lose every week/month/year that you procrastinate the day of becoming a nurse in Canada? Looking back, will you look at this investment in comparison as a loss?

I think not!

The value of diamonds is high because they are rare. CELBANPrep is rare. It is rare not only because there are no other resources but it is also rare because the CELBANPrep Method is effective. CELBANPrep is about Quality Coaches and Quality Training that assist IENs in making a decision. Committing to it. Practicing. Overcoming and Achieving. IENs across Canada and around the world have acquired the required benchmark because they have learned the skills required; because, they have created connections and sustained dreams!

One final note. I spent hours upon hours creating the videos, graphics and everything else to create these resources without being paid.

Are you willing to work hours upon hours investing your talents, skills, and education to work for free?

For each textbook sold Amazon gets 65%. I get 35%. I wonder, how much would you be willing to pay for a CELBAN e-book? Then calculate my royalties. Is that all I am worth to you? Is that how much you are willing to pay me for my time, my dedication, my work?Say you want to pay $20. Is my worth to you really only $7?

When you calculate how much I receive for each resource I ask you: is that a reflection of my value to you? Is that a reflection of your own self-worth?

I ask you: how much time, energy and money are you willing to invest in yourself considering that you will be making $80, 000 as a registered nurse working 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year and getting paid $40?

I can tell you, because I am a humanitarian I have never made that much money! In fact, if you consider how much work I put into CELBANPrep I was making less than $5/hr!

$So, if the cost of these resources are too high for you, then you are very welcome to find something more affordable. If your value for me and what I have to offer is so low: you are welcome to find something more affordable. If the value of your future is low: you are welcome to find something more reflective of your self-love.

(Remember: you get what you pay for.)

But; if you have a value for me, what I have done, what I have invested then I thank you for supporting me in making a difference in lives of Internationally Educated Professionals around the world.

For in all reality, Pearl, the reason CELBANPrep exists in the first place is because other IENs have come before you and they have invested in themselves!

Over and over again I have expressed my gratitude to all the beautiful spirits that allowed me to be part of their lives and journeys of becoming nurses in Canada. If you do not believe me; if you do not know who I am and what I have then please read enouragement or  i-passed-the-celban and you will see I am nothing like other educators!

I am the one and only CELBANPrep Kim.



P.S. Do you value yourself and your future? I do! That is why I in invested in you. That is why I did all of this without getting paid. But, if you are not willing to invest in me and what I am about to do for international professionals through the Dear Kim Sessions, then… you are showing not only your value for me but also your value for yourself.

3 responses to “CELBANPrep 2018: expensive for an ebook?

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