It is here! CELBANPrep 2018!!!

Dear Friend,

I am so excited to announce that CELBANPrep 2018 now available internationally on Amazon!!!

Thanks to the advances in technology, for the first time ever the internationally known CELBANPrep courses are available as textbooks!
That is right! You can have your very own copy of CELBANPrep Speaking or CELBANPrep Writing Level One.  Each textbook comes complete with the lessons, instructions, assignments, tips for success. They also include:
  • active links!
  • embedded videos!
  • and sections for tutors/teachers/guides/mentors!


Yes! While people may think it is possible to prepare fo
r an English exam alone, this is a faulty strategy. Having a teacher/tutor act as a mentor in assisting you in identifying your weaknesses and turning them into strengths is what has made CELBANPrep a trusted resource!
And, while examples are included, CELBANPrep does not include sample tests. Instead CELBANPrep teaches you what you need to know to create your own exam questions. Once you understand the strategy, the possibilities are endless.
Furthermore, preparing for the CELBAN (or IELTS) needn’t be boring! There are ample ways and suggestions for you to turn your every day conversations with family, friends and your children into exam preparation!
Why? Because no other resource has been created by a busy mom, for busy moms and dads (and future parents)!
All the best!
P.S. Please let everyone know!

CoICoverW1CELBANPrep Writing Level One Textbook: CELBAN or IELTS Review Material 

Preparing for an English Proficiency exam requires more than simply sitting down and writing. Those who get the highest scores know how to do two things: 1) how to manage their time effectively and 2) how to identify their own errors and correct them before the test is up.
For over ten years Internationally Educated Nurses have increased their scores for the CELBAN Writing task by mastering these skills. Through CELBANPrep Writing Level One, by managing their time so that they have time left to find mistakes and correct them – IENs have been able to increase their scores not only on the CELBAN but also the IELTS and every other written test/assignment/task that they have completed after taking CELBANPrep. read more >>

CELBANPrep Speaking Textbook: CELBAN Review MaterialsCPSCover

How to Prepare for the CELBAN Speaking Test

Thousands of Internationally Educated Nurses from around the world and across Canada have benefited from Dear Kim’s CELBANPrep Speaking course. Now, for the first time ever: it is available as a text book! Increase your benchmark by studying with a friend and/or a tutor. English teachers will benefit from the CELBANPrep Method! For more information go to

Follow the footsteps of hundreds of nurses before you: increase your score on the CELBAN by using this CELBAN review material.

*** CELBANPrep Speaking is not just a book, it is a course containing instructions, videos, assignments and tips for success.***

~~ A special section has been created for tutors who use CELBANPrep to assist IENs in passing the CELBAN. ~~ read more >>


Introducing the CELBAN or IELTS Series

Did you know that one of the most common questions I get asked is, “Which should I take: the CELBAN or the IELTS?” In fact “CELBAN vs IELTS” is a common search term. This question reoccurred so many times it became one of the 7 Things You Must Know to Pass the CELBAN, and is featured as a tag on Dear Kim!

So many IENs become paralyzed by this question that I changed my answer. Instead of studying for one exam: study for both at the same time! Such is the inspiration for the CELBAN or IELTS series. The strategies taught through the CELBAN or IELTS series can be applied to any exam. What that means is that anyone can use these resources; so, you can study with family and friends that aren’t nurses and are preparing for other exams!
Instructional manuals will also be made available for teachers/tutors/mentors/guides.

CP2018KComing Soon!!!

Just as it takes time for fruit to form from a blossom, so too does it take time to create new resources! So much time!
While two resources are being released at this time (CELBANPrep Speaking or CELBANPrep Writing Level One) two titles are forthcoming.
  1. CELBANPrep Writing Level Two will be released February 14th, giving you time to complete Level One, and
  2. CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials supplementary resources will follow on the first day of spring: March 20.
Mark it down on your calendar!

Why Amazon’s Kindle?

There are three reasons why IEPC has partnered with Amazon:

  1. Recent advances in technology allow for textbooks to be created with interactivity: links and embedded videos!
  2. Kindle e-books are accessible on phones, tablets and computers with the free app!
  3. Amazon is international: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, UK and US!
Mind you, royalties for items at this price point are 35%. Amazon gets the rest; but, they do deserve it for making these resources available to IENs across Canada and around the world.
As a note, I think it is quite funny. I have sold CELBANPrep study guides to people in India are received mere pennies for it! 🙂
 I hope this helps! Have a nice day!


P.S. Remember to tell your friends! Oh, and please write a review. If you have comments about things I need to fix, please drop me a line! It is more effective then writing a negative review. 🙂

Please Read more updates:

2 responses to “It is here! CELBANPrep 2018!!!

  1. Hey Kim,
    Thank you so very much. You have shared such a important information. But I am not getting where should I go to buy this celbanprep. Please guide me.

    • I,

      Thanks for your message.
      Because CELBANPrep textbooks are being sold internationally, “getting where [you] should go to buy this CELBANPrep” is complex. There are two ways. I will try to make it more clear.

      Go to the website ( There are links for all of the counties listed on the pages for each textbook title.

      Or, go to Amazon (Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, India, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, and Spain) and enter the search term “CELBAN”.

      I appreciate you writing to me. I have made some changes to the website. I hope it is easier to navigate.


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