Dear Friends,

Whether January 6th is a special day because it was the original date celebrated as Christmas, or because it took time for the wise men to find the Christ child and present him with gifts: January 6th is celebrated by many cultures in many reasons as Christmas. so it is that we celebrate with the release of two resources available internationally through Amazon!


CELBANPrep Speaking

CELBANPrep Speaking covers the four task of CELBAN Speaking. Not only are you provided with videos, you are also given assignments and self evaluation tools. To increase your score working with a turor is highly advisable. There are sections in all CELBANPrep textbooks with messages, tips, and suggestions for teachers/tutors/mentors/guides.

CELBANPrep Writing Level One CoICoverW1

CELBANPrep Writing Level One is the first in the CELBAN or IELTS series: created to assist IENs in preparing for their English competency exam regardless of which one you choose! By using this interactive textbook, complete with videos and assignments, you will be able to prepare for the CELBAN from your home. Please note, for best results consult a tutor who is familiar with the CELBANPrep Method, having copies of these resources.

Remember to:

In this way you will know about the forthcoming resources. Five more text books will be released before summer!

All the best!



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