Passion Planning: CELBANPrep 2018- Part II

Ok, Passion Planners!

Have you had the kind of week I have had? It is already Thursday and I am wondering where all my lofty plans and goals for this week went! It is not that I have not been productive! I have been. Each day I have accomplished so  much. But, what about my goals? (One of mine was to write this two days ago!:)

That is what I love about the Passion Planner; it embodies self-compassion. It reminds me of the quote from Anne of Green Gables, a famous Canadian story. In it Anne says,

“It is nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.”

Self-compassion is embedded in the design of the Passion Planner because it includes two things:

  1. a section where you can make plans for each week: a list of personal and professional items for those left-brained people, and a space for infinite possibilities (including mind-mapping) for us right-brained people.
  2. a monthly review. Each month you have an opportunity to  review your goals, see what happened, and plan accordingly for the next month.

It is this carry-over of goal setting that I love. It is the reflection that I love. It is the balance of both right and left brain ways of thinking that I love in the design. But there is more, so much more. You MUST go to the website to explore.

My point is, once we start this process of reflecting, reviewing, adapting, and making new plans we gain a level of self-love and self-acceptance for our imperfections. (One of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, has a book all about the Gifts of Imperfection.) Once we start this process, on a regular basis, it also becomes a part of our being. We become unconsciously competent, doing it without thinking. All of a sudden we get to a place where we are reflecting on our goals and evaluating our progress without the need of paper or pen/pencil and a scheduled time.


Embedded in all this is the key to success. It is one thing to have goals. It is one thing to create a Road Map. It is one thing to have to do lists. It is one thing to identify Game Changers. But, it is another thing to actually do them. It is another thing to take big goals andbreak them down into smaller chunks, and then even smaller ones. And, it is another thing to set dates to our goals!

That is where my planning fell through, this week. While I had this great list of things I wanted to accomplish, which expanded Sunday evening into a slew of smaller bits, I had not assigned dates to them. I had not gone back to my passion planner and put different task on different dates. Instead I went on with my week, being pulled and tugged by the needs and expectations of others: responding to e-mails, helping out a friend, making plans for Christmas :).

And I have lots of self-love and compassion for myself. I am not perfect. I am doing the best that I can. And, we are all learning: including me!

Yet, I was very productive. I was productive because I got rid of distractors. There were things on my list that have been there for months! There were both personal and professional matters that needed to be settled before I could even begin. To me is it like nesting, what a mother experiences in the last months of her pregnancy: getting everything ready for baby. Well, right now I am pregnant with an idea. And before it can be birthed, before it can come to life, I have to have everything in place. I need to have my office straightened out. I need to have my resources, documents and supplies in order. I need to have sufficient food accessible for healthy snacking. I need to get all the little nagging thoughts dealt with.

So this week ended up being a “nesting week”. And I am ok with that.

Both Brene Brown and Doreen Virtue (both famous authors) are open and honest about how such activities have been distractions for them. They have used getting office supplies or cleaning the house as reasons not to start their projects.

That is where honest self-reflection comes in. Are your nesting activities productive?

Mine are, because I know the process I go through each time I start a creative process. I also know there is a limit. I know when things are ready, and it does not take a long time to achieve that goal. But, I also need to set boundaries. Once something is in my planner, it has to be protected. I need to be able to say no to people and their requests for my time. I need to plan around my schedule goal setting plans. And, I must do so with discernment: the needs of a baby can not be delayed; nor can they for someone in the hospital; but if it is the drama of a friend who is always in situations and never making choices in his/her life to grow… then it is time to focus on the plan.


  1. Goals can not be achieved without dates assigned to our to do lists.
  2. Regular reflection is a key to success.
  3. Distractors need to be dealt with.
  4. Boundaries around our time/ our goals need to be set and maintained.
  5. Self-love and self-compassion is the result of accepting that both we and our lives are imperfect. We may not achieve what we hoped, but, we are still worthy of love. Self love means continuing on our individual and joined paths in spite of imperfections.

And finally, sometimes delays are part of the Universal Plan.

There is a course I am teaching in January. Plans have been set. The location has been determined. Dates have been selected. Everything is in place, except two things:

  1. the dates are still To Be Announced on the website, and
  2. I have postponed the printing of the documents with the date and time.

In my head, I keep hearing a caution, “Print them without the dates.” This does not make sense. When one is advertising a course, the times and dates are always added. 

In this nebulous place, I waited to create the print material. But, because it is one of my distractors, something that will draw my energy and attention away from my goal: I went to the printer yesterday – with the date on the item.

I hadn’t listened to my intuition. I hadn’t trusted my connection to the Universe, to the Divine, to the Collective Consciousness.

I awoke at midnight. I could not sleep. Going into the kitchen I saw the notification light on my phone. I had received a message at 10:30, after I had gone to bed. It was about an event that was happening on the weekend my course was scheduled to begin; it was an event I have been wanting to attend for years, and will not re-occur for a year and a half!

My energy was so high. My intent for this event so great. My spirit was on fire.

That was the reason why I my intuitive self, my spirit, was nudging me to print the graphics without the date! That was why the dates remained as To Be Announced on the website. That was why! There was a Divine Designer orchestrating all of these pieces.

Immediately I sent out messages. I asked about changing the date. I stopped the printers. I redesigned the graphic, removing the date, as it would have been had I listened. And I sent it in.

So, when there are delays, when you feel hesitance: find peace, find self compassion – go within. Discover if those hesitations are based in fear, or something greater. And then Trust. Trust that everything is as it should be.

Everything is as it should be, this week for me, because I would not be writing this piece for you. Everything is as it should be, this week for me, so that I could normalize the process of imperfection in the Passion Planning process. Everything is as it should be, this week for me, so that you can more fully understand why I love the Passion Planner so much! What Angelina has created is both Inspired and inspiring.

Thank you for accepting my invitation for you to join me on my journey of Passion Planning: CELBANPrep 2018. If this has helped you: please like it,  please share it, please tell a friend. But most of all: follow along with the process. Get your own Passion Planner! Set your goals. Create your Roadmap. Determine your Game Changers. Assign your dates. I promise, you will be glad you did. And 2018 will be the best year yet! I know it will be for me!



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