$ NEW!!! The Dear Kim ~ What They Won’t Tell You: Resume and Employment Series

What are they not telling you?

The Dear Kim ~ Resume and Employment Series has been created with these goals in mind: to teach you what they won’t tell you about promoting yourself in the Canadian Workplace, but what we teach our university students!!!

When you came to Canada you came here with a dream. But then you discovered that as an unlicensed professional, you could not work as a nurse, and had to accept a survival job. Dreams tend to fade under such circumstances.

But, coming to Canada means experiencing freedoms and choices that may not have been available to you back home. Obtaining your dream means knowing how to promote yourself in the Canadian Workplace, as a Canadian Employee with great value! Therein is happiness and success!


What They Won’t Tell You: Employment Series


Session 1 ~ Who am I as a Canadian Employee?

  • Who you are as a Canadian Employee is a cornerstone to creating a professional resume in Canada. But most organizations preparing Internationally Educated Professionals for the work place focus on
    creating resumes for survival jobs!
  • That is what they are not telling you: how to complete in a Canadian Job Market! more
  • $5

Session 2 ~ What is my value as a Canadian Employee?

  • There are many elements that go into the development of a career: goals,dedication, skills, interests and values. But how do you put all that into a resume and cover letter? That is what they won’t tell you, at employment agencies preparing you for a survival job, in Canada. Learn what we teach our university students preparing for professional careers!.  more
  • $5

Session 3 ~ How do I Promote Myself in a Canadian Workplace?

  •  Creating a resume is a craft and a skill that they won’t teach you at employment agencies helping you to find a survival job. But these skills are what Canadian professionals apply when they are drafting their own resumes to get their dream jobs. It is what we teach at our universities to our future professionals. Learn it here!  more
  • $5

Session 4 ~ Putting it All Together

  • Now that we have explored who you are as a Canadian Employee, what your value is to an employer, and how to promote yourself, it is time to put it all together in this interactive workshop where people who attended previous sessions, who are willing to share their work get: feedback, suggestions, ideas and support. more
  • $5


Yes, seriously, they are only $5 each! Or  for 4  for $20!

Join us as we plan for Career Success !!!»



P.S. Here is a video about how to use GotoMeeting.

CPVideo FirstFrame

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