$ NEW!!! The Dear Kim $5 Series ~ for Happiness, Success and Employment

Dear friend,

I just sent this email out to IENs who have subscribed to my mailing list. “On May 18 I sent out an email asking specific people certain questions:

  • What are your expectations of me, of CELBANPrep and of IEPC?
  • Is there something, in particular, that I can do or provide for you?

Since then both my inbox and my mind have been full! I spent the first week answering questions and designing a new mail campaign to answer some of the most common questions and concerns:

  • Where do I start?
  • What is the use with the exam dates full?
  • Can we get feedback on our writing?
  • Should I take the IELTS or the CELBAN?

[They are being sent out to people on the mailing list, who have subscribed to How to Prepare for the CELBAN.]

But then I spent time talking with fellow career developers, about three main concerns I have heard repeatedly. They gave me a good dose of my own medicine! I keep telling people,

“If the methods you are using are not getting you to where you want to be, then change what you are doing!”

They helped me to figure out what I needed to change and helped me to figure out where I want to be going! Ideas flourished, inspiring my work for the past week, which I just completed only moments ago. As a result, I am pleased to announce a new $5 Happiness Success and Employment Series! It is also known as the Dear Kim Series :). (Thanks Christine for that great idea!)

There are two $5 series at this moment: the Too-Many-Things-are-Preventing-me-From-Studying-Right-Now series and the Creating-a-Canadian-Resume-Series.


$5 Setting Goals for Happiness and Success Series

Session 1 ~ Planning for Success and Happiness

Planning for Success and Happiness explores the foundation of goal setting. Together,  we will explore various aspects of setting goals and what stops us from achieving them. Although not required, this live session is recommended… more

Session 2 ~ Creating Your Own Happiness Plan

Happiness heals. It lifts our spirits and fills us with energy. We feel stronger and more capable of dealing with the stresses in our lives. But, we do not take our happiness seriously, planning events and activities that feed both our hearts and souls.  more

Session 3 ~ Making Time for Success and Happiness

Life can be so hectic. There is no time to do anything, never mind make time for success and happiness, or is there?This session has been specifically created for those who say, “I don’t have time to [fill in the blank]. more

Session 4 ~ Putting it all Together

While sessions 1-3 of the Planning for Happiness and Success are lecture style, this session is more interactive. Participants will be invited to share the work they have done during previous sessions: to get ideas, feedback and more

I just completed the work, and I could not wait to tell you all about it, and to thank [my IENs] for inspiring me to share a greater part of my knowledge and experience! I am so excited to be expanding into these horizons of career development. These sessions on goal setting, time management and resume writing will allow me to expand beyond the waters of the CELBAN to teach you skills for success to be used throughout your career, which I have taught to up and coming professionals for various organizations including at the University of Alberta!

Yes, seriously, they are only $5 each! Or  for 4  for $20!

Please, check them out. And if you can, join me! It will be lots of fun. And if you can’t make it, but would like to: please let me know that too! I really enjoy hearing from you!



2 responses to “$ NEW!!! The Dear Kim $5 Series ~ for Happiness, Success and Employment

  1. Hi kim! I’m Linderly from Montreal. Could you help me with my Celban review? I would like to take it instead of IELTS which I’m poor with. And can you recommend how to go with the exam? Thank you!


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