♥ I don’t have the confident, I feel that I will fail [the CELBAN]

Hi Kim,thanks to google I was able to found you.i read a lot of your blog for dear Kim.i’m now encourage to take my celban exam.i took my ielts once last 2010, my score was as follows Listening-6,reading-4.5,writing 5.5,speaking-6.0.from that time I didn’t have anymore interest to take again.because I’m afraid to fail,I feel also that I would not be able to pass.i wanted to try celban last year but I keep on postponing,I don’t have the confident,I feel that I will fail,I even thought that I would not pass.now I want to enroll on your celban course.can you please message me how much does it cost.i can start anytime that’s all for now. Hope to hear from you Best regards L..

(Reposted from Facebook)

Dear L,
I am grateful to google, to, for you finding me. Thank you for letting me know that you read my blog, Dear Kim. That is exactly why I created it in the first place, so that you could read my replies and find encouragement. I have to tell you, it may be kind a weird, but I love getting messages from people, like you, who are discouraged. Why? Because there are two things I love: 1) providing encouragement, 2) witnessing change.

I love that simply by reading these messages that you have shifted from postponing from a fear of failing to being encouraged. But you are wise, and are taking steps to avoid falling into the CELBAN Trap! You know your scores are low compared to what is required, and you are looking for support. You are willing to do the work, and you are ready to start now! That is a great combination!

C0UP0NSmSo, to begin with I suggest you go to the CELBANPrep coupon page to find out about the 7 Things You MUST Know to Pass the CELBAN  Webinar and Speaking Conference Calll ~ Trial I will be holding next week, then you can talk with me in person!  And you get a great deal!

Second I recommend you get the free resources, at http://www.celban.info. This way you will be able to get information about future sales and you can contact me directly.

In seeing your scores I highly recommend you getting a bundle that includes Writing41EHPsWriting4IEHPs.  I created this resources especially for people like you, with a score of 5 in writing. It will allow you to progress more quickly than if you did not have these extra resources. You can take it individually, or in combination with a CELBANPrep Writing Course Bundle (CELBANPrep Platinum Bundle, Focus on Writing Bundle). If you take CELBANPrep Writing Level One at the same time as you take Writing4IEHPs, you get to work with your Writing Coach Qu1zon the assignments.

As an experiment, you can try out the free quiz.

How is that for a start?

I look forward, L, to getting to know you during the webinar and or conference call next week!



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