I purchased the CELBANprep Reading Sample Tests Book One, and I find it really interesting, giving me high hopes

Hi Kim,

Good day, and more power to an angel like you who sincerely support IENs like me. On the other hand, I did accessed your CELBANprep to have a tour on that link and its amazing, and to satisfy my interest with your online CELBAN material, I purchased the CELBANprep reading booklet 1, and I find it really interesting, giving me high hopes that I am in the right track towards my goal. I am planning to buy more of your online materials and I am taking it one step at a time. Again, thank you for being a great motivator and inspiration for IENs who are pursuing their dreams. M

Dear M,Love World

Wow! This is the reason why I go to my inbox!
I so appreciate your sincerity and ability to discern my true intent. It is not an easy thing to generate trust online. Nor is it really the easiest or best form of communication. So I deeply appreciate each time someone takes the time to let me know that what I have dedicated the past 6 years of my life to is appreciated… especially in the way that you have!
Mind you, if I am an angel then I have to reveal God’s hand in what I am doing, for it is He that inspires me, He that keeps me motivated and He that answers the prayers that come to Him from IENs across Canada and the world on my behalf. These prayers have been vital, allowing me to continue in this work at times when I was really questioning what I was doing.
And it is in receiving emails filled with appreciation and gratitude that touch my heart, fill my soul, and ensure that I continue doing what I am doing. So thank you, Mel. You did not have to take the time to write to me, but you did. You are amazing!
Since the beginning of the year I have been working on a new version of CELBANPrep 6.0. It will be accessible on iPads and user friendly with touch screens. So if you were amazed with CELBANPrep 5.0, just wait until May 22! 🙂 I can hardly believe it myself! I end the day of work, reviewing what I have accomplished. I sit back and think, did I really do that! So cool! I had done the very same thing with version 5.0, but I can tell you that each version is more and more amazing.
So, hold on until after May 22. Then you can write to me comparing and contrasting the different versions!
In the mean time did you get information about the National Nursing Week sale that started today? Please go to http://www.celbanprep.info/celbanprep-coupons for more information and other sale dates.
Looking so forward to your reply!

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