I am from Swift Current [Saskatchewan], I have two jobs… I wanted some [CELBAN] materials to read at home

Hi Kim,
I’m great! I am from Swift Current, came from Philippines about 3 years ago. I just took CELBAN  and I got 9 listening, 8 reading, 6 writing and 7 for speaking. I wanted some review materials to read at home anytime coz I have two jobs it is hard for me to adjust
sask Dear G,

I am so happy to hear from you. I just got an e-mail from someone in Vancouver, and another from someone in Toronto. They are asking if I have a review center in those locations. For each I wrote that I could have taught in a classroom, but then I would be limited to people in Edmonton. But I knew that there were Internationally Educated Nurses in small towns like Swift Current, where there were even fewer resources than in the big cities like Toronto and Vancouver. I knew that it was much better for me to develop CELBANPrep online to be able to give access to people like you, living in small towns in rural Canada in addition to those living in big cities across Canada. I am excited that I am even teaching people internationally now!
The other reason why I created CELBANPrep online, is because all of the IENs I met in Edmonton had schedules like you. Either they were: balancing two jobs, going to school at the same time as working, or working at the same time as raising a family, or simply raising a family. In all variations everyone I met was dedicated to those they loved with very little time for themselves. Creating CELBANPrep Online allows busy people to fit their preparations for the CELBAN within busy schedules. Often people post assignments in the middle of the night, or early in the morning. Some people post assignments on breaks at work. Others have more time and can post whenever they can.
So, I am so delighted to get your message!
After getting those two previous e-mails, getting yours made my day! It validated what I have done: making CELBAN preparation available to you in Swift Current, in a way that you can fit it into your schedule while working two jobs.
As for your scores, you have done very well. I will help you to do even better. Mind you, G, I am dedicating my summer to creating new resources for reading and listening, so I will not be having a sale until September (even then the spaces will be limited).  But you are guaranteed, when you pay full price, to have a space.
In the mean time I think you will enjoy:
You can also get more information at www.writing.celbanprep.info and www.speaking.celbanprep.info. Once you read them write back to let me know what you think!
P.S. These resources are not compatible with iPads as iPads do not support Adobe Flash. You will have to access the lessons from a laptop or desktop.

3 responses to “I am from Swift Current [Saskatchewan], I have two jobs… I wanted some [CELBAN] materials to read at home

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  2. Hallo,
    Is there any CELBAN prep courses in toronto?

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