Do you have an ideas of how a busy mom with a toddler can study?

Dear Kim,

I finally finished doing the assignment. I timed myself and I was not able to make the 30 minutes required time for this task. I am always not successful when it comes to timing. I actually started doing the task 2 days ago. You know I am a full time mom and I cannot do this task when my little toddler is around. I tried doing this task using pen and paper but he keeps on grabbing my pen and crumpling the paper. When I am in front of the computer, he would put his hand on the keyboard and will start typing. That is why I ended up submitting the assignment too late or not submitting at all. Sorry for that and I look forward to see your comments or corrections on my assignment. I am really eager to learn from you.


Dear Mary,

If timing is a problem maybe it would be good for you to do one part at a time, for 5-10 minutes when your toddler is preoccupied eating or napping. It may be more productive this way.

On another note, do you use a sling or backpack for him? If he is two and you have been doing so since he was little you would be strong enough for the next suggestion, if not your back may not be strong enough.

When my daughter was born I took her in a sling or backpack everywhere. I even took her to my dance lessons. She was in a sling while I danced until she was 2. When she was a baby she did not like to be down, so I even had her in the sling when I cooked and baked. I learned this from a friend whose baby did not walk until three. Every time I visited her, baby was in the backpack while she worked in the kitchen.

If baby is in a backpack you can write or work at the computer without him grabbing.

I’m going to post this as a question on Dear Kim and Facebook to see what people might suggest.

Do you have an ideas or suggestions on how a busy mom with a toddler can study?


4 responses to “Do you have an ideas of how a busy mom with a toddler can study?

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  2. From my experience as a mom of 3, the best time to study is when your baby is napping during the day or in th early morning around 4-5am during his deep sleep.
    Good Luck !

    • Dear Kim,

      When my baby was still inside my womb, he was diagnosed with a heart problem. When he was born, we decided (my family) not to let him cry too much. We were too afraid that if he cries too much, it will worsen the problem. He was to be breast-fed, carried, or cuddled all the time to soothed him and a sling was not an option. My baby does not want to be put down or to be put in the crib. He started walking at 10 months and he rarely stayed in the crib. Putting him in a backpack is also a good idea but I think he will get mad if I put him in; he is nearly 18 months and running and exploring is his favorite thing.

      Thank you Kim for sharing your experiences and I will do the “one part at a time”. It will make me to be a productive mom.

      Hello Aline!
      Thank you very much for your response. It is greatly appreciated. You are right, 4-5 AM is also his deep sleep. I will try to practice my writing during this time and I hope that I will improve my timing in the writing task.

      Again, thank you Kim for your support and continued encouragement for guiding me in this journey.

      My sincerest gratitude,

    • Dear Mary,

      When I read about what you experienced with your baby, my heart went out to you. Life, as an adult, is never as easy and glamorous as we think it is when we are children. We see adults with all the fun and freedom but we do not consider the pain and hardships. I recently received an e-mail from a person whose fiance just died. Illness and death adds so much stress to life and all we can do is cope. It is because of how you coped that your son is now strong and exploring the world, which is such a wonderful thing. So yes, I can understand that he would not like the backpack idea. This is an idea for moms of younger children.

      Doing one part at a time is what I had to learn when my daughter was young. I was used to sending long periods of time on a project, and getting it finished. Not being able to finish something was very difficult for me to accept. I had to learn that I could get things finished one bit at a time, one day at a time. It took longer, but it got done.

      I recently saw an interview with the writer of the book The Notebook, Nicolas Sparks. He explained that he would write for half an hour a day, in the middle of the night. After 6 months his book was written.

      As mothers our focus is on our children, but we need to make sure to take time for ourselves … even if it is 15 minutes a day. We might not get things done quickly, but we can get them done. As my daughter got older she started to learn that when I was writing, she needed to respect that boundary and play, read or draw. But I had to make sure I limited my time so that it respected how long she could play on her own. Many of my friends used timers that would ring after 10 or 15 minutes. I used a sand timer so that she could actually see how much time was left. Later, when she had to do homework using a sand timer was an extremely effective tool. This technique is for older children around 3-4 and up.

      No matter how long it takes you to prepare for the exam, Mary, I am here.


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