Will I get the CELBAN Prep books by mail?

i want to know that all these courses are on line or i will get the books by mail because i will prepare celban later if i will buy material now it will be good for me. plz tell me. i will be really thankfull to you .
Thanks a lot

Dear A,

Thank you for your question.

If you have received the How to Prepare for the CELBAN, you are already familiar with the method of delivery of CELBANPrep. All of the lessons for writing and speaking, and practice exams for reading and listening, are online. How to Prepare for the CELBAN was created to mirror these resources in look and function, so that people would not only be familiar with the resources they would have added confidence having used the free resources.

If you go to the Sign-up page you will see that each subscription has a different duration:

Remember, CELBANPrep is available where you are, when you are. To make these resources available across the world, and at a low cost is by making them available online. If they were available in print, they would be more expensive. As far as I understand from a large majority of people I have met, lower fees are important.

I have a question, why are you waiting? Some people need more than 8 weeks to prepare for writing.


2 responses to “Will I get the CELBAN Prep books by mail?

  1. Hi
    I’m looking for CELBAN preparation book. Study guide for exam. And I was wondering
    .. Can we buy this book???if yes, where can I buy it??
    If not then, I’d practice it online?? What’s the website??

    My exam is next month and I need to do my preparations soonest possible!

    Reply plss

    • Dear Amal,
      Great question, and thanks for asking. One month is not a long time to prepare, considering you only get 3 chances to take the exam and the scores are relatively high. Please see the posts on my blog entitled WARNING about the CELBAN!
      For free resources please go to http://www.celban.info.
      For paid resources please go to http://www.celbanprep.info. Please note that all of these resources are available online. Hard copies, thus, are not available at this time.
      These three sites should provide all the information you need!
      All the best,

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