i dont know know where to start and what to order first.

please help me
i want to purchase celbanprep books , i dont know know where to start and what to order first. please i need a lead start in this. i need to start studying. i just started part time work and its overwhelming, so i have not even bought any books for celban. i need to buy then and start studying
please kim how should i start off. i need to buy some books to get me started off with
thanks kim
Dear R,
Thanks for your question. Where a person starts depends on how much time they have, when the exam is scheduled, how many times they have taken the exam, and how much money they have. How to Prepare for the CELBAN is a good start, but it is not enough. It is important to spend more time on each skill to become familiar with the exam and improve your skills. Our testing methods in Canada are different from what many International Nurses are familiar with. Next, if you have time, I recommend the Listening and Reading Study Guides. I am hoping people will get them early, and spend several months improving their skills by using the resources and tips for success. Currently they are only avialable on Amazon, but in January 2012 they will also be available on CELBANprep. Once you have spent some time improving your skills it is good to work on the Sample Tests. That is for reading and listening. Writing and Speaking are different. These are only available as courses. Writing is 8 weeks, and speaking is 4 weeks. For each you are taught what is required for the exam, turning weaknesses into strengths. Also you get individualized attention and assistance. For this reason the fee for the courses are higher than the study guides and sample tests. This is the plan if you have time, and allows for you to make decisions based on your financial situation. Following this path also allows you to build confidence in what CELBANPrep provides, so that you can feel more comfortable about making the larger purchase. By that time you will know my offers are genuine and trustworthy. If you do not have time, and have money, I would recommend taking the courses at the same time as starting with the study guides. Then when Speaking is completed, to spend that time on the reading and listening practice exams.
Does this help?
thanks kim
you made it clear.
i am trying to purchase celban listening and reading study guides ย  from amazon. ย i am not succeeding as it shows me something about kindle. i dont know what that is.!!!! are these books that will be send to me by amazon or is it something i will study online
all this is so overwhelming
please help kim
Dear R, The only reason why I can sell these books for so little is because they are electronic: so they are not on paper. Instead they are a file that you download in the same way music, movies and games are downloaded. I have created a video to explain it. The kindle is the software Amazon created so that people can read the e-books. It is like itunes. You can get the kindle app for your PC, Mac laptops or desktops, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows 7 tablets and phones. So you can choose which device you want to read it on. The Kindle app is free. Kim

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  3. Dear Kim,

    I am in the same line with them. At first, taking IELTS is the best option since i have no information regarding CELBAN.I keep on digging and searching which leads me to the immigration language services, they conduct an overview seminar about CELBAN.Unfortunately, i wasnt able to come and now i am back to zero. I am scared and confused thinking you only have 3 chances to take.I want to be prepared but i dont how.Im currently checking some of your forums.It is really a great help.Please give me more info about it.Thank you.It will be greatly appreciated=)


    • Dear Yuri,

      Thank you for your message: for reading the blog, and posting a comment!

      The licensure process is not easy, and the information about each stage is not easy to understand. There are some resources available, but often as you experienced, they are not available when needed or when you and others actually have time. Average Canadians struggle to find a balance, and this struggle in time management is greater for Internationally Educated Professionals who have to add school/exams/courses and caring for family from a distance to the mix.

      Reading Dear Kim, is a good start. There is lots of valuable information. Going to http://www.celban.info is the next best thing to do, to get the How to Prepare for the CELBAN. This will give you a better idea about how the exam and how to prepare for it. then, if you want support and resources available when you are, go to http://www.celbanprep.info. Here you will learn about study guides (for $4.99) sample tests (for $9.99) and courses. Sales happen twice a month, and are posted on both Facebook and Twitter.

      The fact that you can only take the CELBAN 3 times is a great concern for me, because many people think that a successful strategy is taking the exam again and again until they get a higher score. But this is not true, it takes work and effort, time and dedication, to increase your language skill levels to raise your score by one point.

      Other people think they can pass the exam without CELBAN specific preparation. This is simply not true for most people. Only a small percent of people can do this, who have been speaking advanced English their whole life. Even then the cultural implications on communication, for speaking, and the impact of medical documentation standards can trip up people with solid skills when writing reports.

      It comes down to you, Yuri, are you willing to dedicate time, energy and money to help you pass the exam? If not, the 3 times will continue to fill you with fear. If so, you have come to the right place, so that you enter the exam with confidence.

      See the post entitled “I Passed” to see comments by others who have taken CELBANPrep courses.

      Does this help?

    • Dear Kim,

      While reading your reply, i was in a verge of crying because i am so desperate and have a low self-esteem .At the same time,loosing hope knowing i am alone and i don’t know where to start. Everything is new and strange to me.Thank you Kim for enlightening me .YES, I am willing to dedicate the 3 factors that can help me achieve my goals in life.


    • Dear Yuri,

      I was moved in reading your reply. I want you to know that you are not alone. There are so many people who are either feeling the same things as you are now, or who have felt the same way as you are feeling, before. No one knows what to expect when they migrate. It can not be explained until it is experienced.

      Yesterday I heard a talk about people who migrated from the US to Canada at the turn of the century, 1900’s. He said, “Strong ones stayed. Those who were not went back [home].”

      That is how it has always been for people coming to Canada.

      Feeling sad, lonely or disillusioned does not mean you are weak. It means you are human. And it builds in you compassion for others who experience similar things.

      Lat week I was conducting a speaking one-on-one consultation with a nurse who failed the CRNE 3 times. The last time she failed by 2 points. She felt what you are feeling now, and did not want to continue. This is where she was when I met her. Yet, when you read the posts created from her e-mails and comments she has made, you would not be able to tell: she is so filled with hope, and life and faith in herself.

      My goal in creating CELBANPrep is not just creating exam prep resources, but to provide support so that people feel confident when they enter the exam they will perform to the best of their ability. While I would love to do this for free, it is simply not possible.

      Further, I have worked with many people to the point of success, but others have not made it. Those who do not make it either do not have the time or the dedication to capitalize on what I offer.

      So if you have those three factors, then you have all you need.

      Please check out the links and the blog “I just got my CELBAN test result today, I PASSED!”

      You will see, you have found what you were seeking.


  4. Hi Kim,
    I just found this wed site today. I’m so gald that I found you. I want to start with How to prepear for CELBA first and I tried to sing up for the free one but I didn’t success. Could you help me please.
    Thank you

    • Dear K,

      I am so glad that you found me too!
      I am sorry I did not get this question, or the others, until today. The e-mails were being sent to an old account!

      There is one thing I know about you, Kazue, you are persistent. It is that persistence that will assist you to obtain your goal of being a nurse in Canada!

      As for your question, I know you already have the answer, but I will add it for others reading this. You an go to:
      * http://www.celban.info
      * http://www.howtoprepareforthecelban.ca

      Have a great weekend!

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