I can’t access my free study guide and practice exams

Hi! I can’t access my free study guide and practice exams. Thanks :) A.

Dear A,

There are many different reasons why one would not access the free resources. Please review the following.


Did you click on the link?

You can click on the link by clicking on the cover of the How to Prepare for the CELBAN. The Link to the Study Guides and practice exams are also located below the image, in red.

Did you enter the password correctly?

You must enter the user name and password correctly.

  • Enter passwords for the password and user name for the user name.
  • Passwords and user names are case sensitive.
  • Ensure you use O and 0 (oh, zero) and  I and 1 (eye, one) correctly.

Does your passwords have a # sign?

  • Include the # in the password.

Do you have an updated version of Adobe Flash?

  • Flash is not available on iphones, ipads, and some of the other hand held devices.
  • Adobe Flash is required to access the Practice Exams
  • Download or update your Adobe Flash

Do you have a current version of Adobe Acrobat?

  • Acrobat is required to access the test and answer booklets, as well as the Skim and Scan tests for reading.
  • Download or update your Adobe Acrobat

If your reason for not being able to access the resources is not includes, please give more details about what is happening.


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