Do CELBANPrep Practice Exams have Q’s and A’s?

Hai, I would like to know CELBANprep material have the practice exam questions and answers or just the rules for this exam and also I would like to know the price.
Could you please give the reply.

Sincerely, S

Dear S,

Have you watched the video on the differences between the Study Guides and Practice Exams at
If you go to this site, you will also be able to see individual videos for each of the different study guides and practice exams including:

Also, have you downloaded the CELBANPrep Study Guide ($0.00) at

If you have accessed the Writing and Speaking Study Guides and Listening and Reading Practice Exams from How to Prepare for the CELBAN
then you know the differences between the two:

Study Guides are filled with information about the exam:

  • information
  • tips
  • test taking strategies
  • resources

Practice Exams are different in that they contain:

  • information about the instructions for each of the tasks
  • videos/audios for the listening exams
  • three practice exams (for reading there is one for each task of skimming and scanning, reading articles and fill in the blanks; for listening three for each type of question)
  • test taking booklets and answer booklets

To be honest, all of these videos and resources are available so that you know exactly what you are buying. Indeed all of these resources are worth so much more than the price but they are being made available across the world regardless of situation.
Does this help?


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